An Analysis and Comparison of Two Adverts

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Advertising is defined in the dictionary as “the action of calling something to the attention of the public by announcements, to call public attention by emphasizing desirable qualities so as to arouse a desire to buy or patronize” In order to persuade, or be effective the advertisement must communicate to the audience the message it wants to relay. If for example, the advertisement is trying to sell a particular product than it must persuade the audience that for whatever reason they need to purchase the product.

Not only must the advertisement effectively relay the desired message, but the audience must be willing to “buy into” the desired message. In other words, for the advertisement to be effective, the communication must be accepted and absorbed by the audience. Advertising is a two way communication process. The time at which adverts are shown on television can also be a guide to which minority the product is aimed at, for example in the morning most will be advertising for children’s toys and sweets, the is because this is the time when a lot of children watch television. Therefore it is the most appropriate time for the advertiser to show their advert, as this is when it will reach a high amount of the target audience.

The two adverts which I will analyse and compare are the advertisements for the Ford Mondeo of November 2002 and the Peugeot 206 also of November 2002. The reason for choosing these two adverts, is because they are both products which are in the same category, vehicles, therefore it will be possible to make a comparison of the techniques and attributes of each advertisement. The first advert which I will be analysing will be the advertisement for the Ford Mondeo of November 2002.

In the first scene of the advert, the surroundings are upside down, the reason for this is to attract the viewer’s attention and make him or her interested in watching the rest of the advertisement. The second scene reveals the origin of the original perspective; it was the view of a little boy hanging on a climbing scene. The third scene is of a car pulling up the drive and stopping and the people inside the car coming out. The fourth scene is upside down again, this attracts the attention of viewers who have just tuned into the channel.

The fifth and sixth scene shows the boy getting off the climbing scene and having a disgusted and bemused expression on his face. Scenes seven to ten show the woman who got out of the car, kissing the man and the girl, and then the small boys reaction to those actions. The way in which she kisses the man and the girl is clearly exaggerated which adds a sense of comedy. In scene eleven the close up on the woman’s face also shows the exaggerated nature of the woman. In these scenes, the woman is portrayed as some sort of “villain”, this is done by the bemused face of the small boy in the sixth scene, and also from the unhappy face on the small girl, we assume to be his sister, in scene ten.

In scene twelve the overview of the house is shown. It is a very large house with a large garden and a white picket fence surrounding it. The Ford Mondeo takes a very central role in the scene. The reason why the scene is constructed in this way is because it will appeal to those who are looking for a luxury car, and this scene is trying to convey the message that purchasing a Ford Mondeo is not downgrading, it is in fact the right car, therefore it also appeals to the more up market buyers.

In scene thirteen the woman, says “Joe?” we the audience now guess that the person she is referring to is the small boy that we saw earlier. Scenes fourteen and fifteen are of the man, who we now assume is the father, shrugging his shoulders and saying that he has know idea on the whereabouts of his son. Scene sixteen shows the viewer that Joe is inside the car, and that he has chosen to stay in the car for “protection” against the woman. He kisses the windscreen of the car in the direction of his father this shows affection for his dad and the car. However this act can also be interpreted as comical and in a sense he is making fun of his dad because he wasn’t able to escape.

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