American Rangelands and Forests

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Brief History of Rangeland or Forest:

The San Bernardino Forest was home to Native Americans long before it was recorded in history. In the early 19th century the forest was settled by Mexicans and Europeans. In 1855 gold was discovered on this land which led to large amounts of mining, timber, and grazing. These actions degraded the land and reduced the water quality. The Forest Preservation Act was put in place in 1891. Soon after, in 1893, the San Bernardino Forest was listed as a national forest.

What are current land management problems?

Current land issues involve vegetation. Many dead trees and brush need to be removed because they pose a higher risk for severe wildfires. The gypsy moths have infested the forest and are eating the leaves to the trees. The final land management issues is forest fires. This area is highly prone due to lightening, winds, climate change, and the surrounding communities.

What are the current federal land management strategies to address these problems?

The current land strategies involved is a proposal for vegetation management which will control the gypsy moth problem. Other proposals involve land management and fuels management. Fuels management is very important and has many different proposals because of the wildfires that frequent California forests. The two strategies for fuel management are to reduce and remove hazardous fuels and remove dead trees as well as some greenery in order to reduce fuels. In addition to proposals, fire use has been restricted and violation results in consequences such as fines and imprisonment. Read an essay about a perfect girl

What is one sustainable effort that should be implemented?

The one sustainable effort that should be implemented is an increase in fire restrictions. The communities and surrounding areas of the San Bernardino pose a danger for forest fires. The burning of debris, equipment and car up keep, wood stoves, and fireplaces can cause forest fires through a simple ash floating in the air. If the laws are more strict the forest could greatly benefit.

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