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Gary speaks to us in a very friendly voice and in slang. He has a very local leistershire accent e. g. “Me mates”. It also comes across good that he has kept all of his friends suggesting that he is a friendly, easy going and likable person. He also hangs around he old friends. The voice at the end is called a colloquial voice which tells us the main things about the product. The lighting in the McDonalds ad is artificial. They have done this to try and make the burgers and fries look more appetising and better.

When you see the McDonalds packaging you instantly recognise that it is McDonalds so the advertisers show the packaging to show that it is McDonalds that they are advertising. They also show the face, of the man, when he is served the burger and he starts to look happy as if he is very satisfied with the burger and fries. The ad shows how much the burger and fries cost; this is to notify the customer how cheap their product really is. In the Walkers ad, they use a bright shiny white packet to contrast with the dull background that they have got.

There is also the lighting on the little boys face, like he is about to do something cheeky or some people might say that he looks ambitious. The lighting on the boys face also suggests that he is out side. The target audience for the McDonalds advertisement is aimed at generally everyone in my opinion. There is evidence for this when the different kinds of people walk in to the restaurant and all get treated the same with no discrimination of any kind. McDonalds is one of the worlds best fast food restaurants, and if any one is busy or running late they can easily go in McDonalds and come back out again in 15 minutes.

The advertisers state how fast they can serve the food by showing the efficiency of the workers delivering burgers straight after one another. I also know from my own knowledge that if any fast food restaurant don’t sell a burger or fries in 5 minutes then they have to throw them away because of health and safety rules. The restaurant is spotlessly clean from the inside, and obviously the advertisers have exaggerated that. McDonalds is also an American company trying to appeal to a British audience.

The target audience for the Walkers ad is a bit less wide than what McDonalds are trying to appeal to. Walkers are trying to appeal to the older generation who were maybe alive in the fifties or people who want their grandchildren to know what crisps were like for them when they were small children. Also if you’re a fan of Gary Liniker you might buy those crisps because some might think, if Gary eats them then I want to eat them. The McDonalds ad is the most successful out of the two that I have assessed.

Because McDonalds is appealing to a wider range of audience I feel that their ad will be the most affective. They could have if they wanted to have, put in there ad a famous person like they did in the Walkers ad but it’s hard to see where they could have fitted that in. I also think that they will be successful in promoting that anyone can go to McDonalds because business people who are in a rush may need something quick to eat and relate quick to McDonalds. However there is a down side that McDonalds is unhealthy and that may go against them.

The Walkers advertisers in my opinion should have made their advert relate and apply to a much wider age range. They had a good idea about using Gary Liniker because football fans might want to eat what Gary’s eating so they buy those crisps. I think the ad won’t be as successful as the McDonalds ad but still promote walkers a bit. Out the two advertisements I feel that the McDonalds ad will be the most successful because the product price has been reduced and they are appealing over a wider audience range.

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