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Comprehensive interface and registration; 2. Variability of products to choose; 3. Inventory once in a while; 4. Simple order toolbars; 5. Versatility of payment methods; 6. A constructive anticipation on how to deliver selected items. These features are possible due to hard-working personnel of the company trying to arrange everything done by a customer on-line. Timely submissions and international spread of its services give grounds for amazon. com to keep up with its target audience worldwide.

Externally, the web site has links on almost all continents letting people buy items independently of their location and payment details. Aquarelle. com (integration) 1. Easy web applications; 2. Order retrieval and further warrants of quality; 3. Simple billing procedures by a single click; 4. Verified and diverse ways to pay for products; 5. Tracking all orders at a time. One should bear it in mind that back-end integration on aquarelle. com is stated to have the same as on amazon. com qualities for usability and integration in its back office affairs. Internally the web site is quite full in supported information.

Moreover, its external feature in the back-end integration is that the company takes payments by dint of the major payment systems used in the world. CONCLUSION To conclude, the reported material has shown particularly high levels of performance on both amazon. com and aquarelle. The usability rates differ in some points. However, it is insignificant when pointing out the back-end integration provided by the companies on their official web sites. The research has also illuminated that a degree of customer perspectives among both sites depends on a degree of internal and external back-end integration worked out by companies once in a while.

Thus, log-in and log-out procedures along with order selection and order delivery are more than a snap for users in touch with these web resources.

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