Alternative Motivational Theory

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Taylor stated in his theory, that an employee’s key motivator to perform at high standards is increased wages. He thought that peoples main ambition to work is for what they will receive; money.

He found this out by conducting experiment at a business environment – the findings were that when tasks that each employee are paid do are divided into smaller areas, employees became more efficient and effective at the single task they perform, therefore Taylor assumed that jobs must be split into small tasks, so that the employees will repeat the same process of the task and this will mean that the employees will work quickly and mistakes will be eliminated, as due to the employees constantly doing the same task it will lead to them becoming an expert in the area, resulting to excellent performance at the workplace.

How piece rate is used in Waitrose? (Taylor at Waitrose) Piece rate could be used in Waitrose by shelf stacking, due to there being more shelves therefore packages/boxes must be unloaded and stacked by employees in order to ensure they receive higher pay. Another way is through tills, as if the employees have more customers to serve, the higher the wage they will receive as they will be paid for the number of customers served. The employees on the customer service desk could also be used to pay workers by piece rate, as the number of customers they deal with will determine whether they receive a higher or lower pay.

There are employees in the bakery section and Waitrose use piece rate in this section, due to having the number of loaves of bread produced to determine their wage. How to break tasks in Waitrose? (Taylor at Waitrose) Waitrose could break tasks by having specific employees working in the deliveries stage, in which they have to unload the stock and store them in the suitable areas in the supermarket, by stacking them on the shelves.

Another section is the bakery which the specific employees gather the ingredients and mix them together then put the mix into tins which creates a specific shape for different pastry’s/ bread. After the ingredients are put together, the employees put the pastry/bread in the oven and then take the bread/pastry out of the oven for the employees to then stack the product on the shelves and serve it to the customers. This type of leadership style will fit in when there is a need in high production; this is usually in special occasions like Christmas time.

Therefore Waitrose must increase their production, to ensure that the stock will be up for customers to buy the presents they need for family and friends. Thus by having autocratic management style it will mean the main leader will ensure that all the employees are working effectively to have a high production level and to avoid delays occurring e. g. this could involve ensuring that all of the shelves are fully stocked and telling staff to fill specific shelves when needed.

Overall by having autocratic it will mean that the customers will be satisfied, as they will have the products ready for them when they come to do their Christmas shopping despite the company being busy, which in addition will create excellent customer service, which makes customers come again and that increases profit levels for Waitrose. Another example is, when Waitrose have new employees coming into the business, they must be trained in order to ensure that they will be working effectively and are working safely.

An example of when a new employee will need to be trained at Waitrose is when they need to use the machinery at the bakery section. This is very much needed in the organisation, as if they get injured the company will have a bad reputation causing a limit of applicants wanting to work at Waitrose, additionally it will mean that the efficiency of Waitrose will be slow, as they will not be confident with the tools they must use, therefore increase the mistakes that they make which will to conclude, cause the productivity and the quality of the products and service, decrease making customers unhappy and unsatisfied.

Therefore having autocratic leadership style will mean that the manager will have full responsibility in training the employee successfully, avoiding any negatives happening in the business.

An Autocratic leadership style will motivate staff, due to them being able to learn how the manager organises everything and adapt to it, also it will mean that the workers will be rewarded through promotions, which will encourage them to work more effectively, however punishments will occur if they don’t work as Waitrose demands, therefore this makes the employees at Waitrose ensure that they do not perform badly, which may give them punishments such as going down a step of authority in the company or even getting fired additionally staff will feel reassured that what they are doing is correct and the close supervision will mean that they know they are doing this correctly and can ask for help if needed.

However there are negatives that may arise with this type of leadership at Waitrose. This is due to autocratic leadership not being suitable when morale is low.

If staff are feeling undervalued and de-motivated to work – an autocratic style of leadership may make this worse, as staff may feel worse if they are too closely monitored and not consulted about issues which might affect them, which will mean that there will be a high level of absenteeism, which leads to delays in productivity in the workplace e. g. this may occur through Easter holiday, as the company will need a lot of employees working due to the shop floor being busy with customers and if the employees call in sick then the company will run less efficiently, – therefore, an autocratic leadership style would not allow for the opportunity to understand why staff are feeling deflated thus another form of leadership may be more appropriate.

Another reason why it may not be suitable for Waitrose is for example, at Waitrose the employees have the right to put their views across and be involved in decision-making due to it being a Co-operative company. This is because they need to encounter advice from different areas of the business I. e. bakery section, sandwich section etc. this is due to them being more of an expert, therefore if Waitrose are improving a particular section such as the bread, they will ask the employees to take part due to their advice being a effective source, into making a good decision for the company.

Additionally Waitrose must inform employees on big decisions as they are a workers Co-operative, which means that the company is self managed by all its employees, so staff will feel as part owners of the business therefore they have the right to be heard. For instance if Waitrose became a 24hr supermarket, these employees as owners and with an employment contract would want to be consulted rather than simply being told about this significant change that will affect them.

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