Alex Ferguson of Manchester United Denies Audience with Media after Loss

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Following a devastating defeat to Liverpool, Sir Alex Ferguson, boss of Manchester United, turned down media invitations for an interview. The league leading United suffered under Kenny Dalglish’s squad on Sunday, and lost by 3-0, attributed partly to a classic hat trick by Dirk Kuyt.

Sources indicate that Ferguson also imposed on other stakeholders of Manchester United to decline any comment in the media. Even MUTV, owned by his club, was reportedly denied a chance for an interview.

Serious considerations are being undertaken by officials of the English Premier League or the EPL, who believe Ferguson had shown improper behavior with this media boycott.

The EPL has a rule that requires at least one member of each club to be accessible for interviews both before and after matches. The 69-year-old’s refusal to face the media may contradict this rule.

Manchester United had their hopes dashed for emerging victorious with the EPL title after a second straight loss at Anfield. This happened after a loss against defending champs Chelsea the week before.

The United, who sat at the lead of EPL with 60 points, seemed to have given a great chance for Arsenal as well as other teams to make their way closer and have a greater shot at the title. Arsenal now has only three points less than the Red Devils.

Ferguson’s silence before the media is speculated as having come about from his irritation at decisions of referees in the game against Liverpool. For example, he reportedly insisted that Jamie Carragher hd to be sent off the ground after posing a hard challenge on Nani, but the decision of the referees did not agree with his opinion.

FA Cup officials had already charged Ferguson for criticizing the decisions of referee Martin Atkinson on MUTV after the 2-1 defeat to Chelsea. As such, his current silence is taken as a conscious effort to keep from getting into more trouble.

Rio Ferdinand was reportedly the only player in United who connected to the outside world, albeit indirectly. He apparently Tweeted a summary of the bad results they got, ending it with, “no excuses.”

Interestingly, just last week, Arsene Wenger also blew a fuse at refereeing decisions in his team’s game against Sunderland. He reportedly described the decisions as unacceptable, and was specifically raging about referee Anthony Taylor.

Wenger apparently complained that it was supposed to be the referee’s responsibility to make sure the right decision was made, and expressed his disgust.

He added that these things had the tendency to impact the Premier League, and expressed that he did not believe justice had been done. He went on to say that the decision “punished” his club severely, and made a referral to the “offside that wasn’t offside.”

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