Aims ; Objectives

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Resources-we need to set SMART objectives. ‘A’ is for achievable and so we need resources that are achievable. Environment- this means a room or a space where the team can meet up. Problem solving-if there is some sort of problem then it should be solved, we have to evaluate the options that we have to solve the problem as well tell the others that a problem has occurred. Customer needs: Now that I and my group have agreed the target customer group it is now important to identify the customer service needs particular to that group.

For example when we will be at Cheddar Gorge what educational attractions and information would most meet their needs and help meet the objective of 100% customer satisfaction. I and members of the team have allocated roles and we know what we are doing and once we complete our role we report as a group in a team meeting. Each member of the team is providing a service to the rest of the team. Marketing techniques: (the 4 P’s) My product: is the trip to Cheddar Gorge, using a coach as our transport to get to our destination.

We are going on the 30th of March. Place: Cheddar Gorge is located in Somerset, England. Price: I need to keep in mind the total price that the students are going to be charged. The price can’t be too high so that students won’t be able to pay. The price needs to be worth the trip so that it can still attract sufficient customers in this case i know that the price that i have been given for both the coach and trip is worth the money and students of the GCSE geography group will be willing to pay that amount.

The amount that they would need to pat is a total of i?? 18. 50. Promotion: I need the trip to be the most successful and that it is bought to the GCSES geography student’s attention and to raise their interest and desire and lead them to act by attending the trip as well as paying for the trip. What I and my team did is before choosing the target group we have chosen a place outside London to go to and visit.

We knew it had to be educational so we thought we will base it for the geography students, so we were given an idea of choosing Cheddar Gorge. Straight away i knew that this place will gain the students interest as cheddar gorge contains caves. Promotional techniques: – it’s all about attracting interest of customers. Advertising is one promotional technique that can be used. If i choose to advertise i need to know which advertising messages will grab the attention and interest AIDA

Attention- I need to be quick and direct to grab people’s attention. I have to use powerful words, or a picture that will catch the reader’s eye. I can do this in the letter that will be handed out to the GCSE students. Interest-Gaining the reader’s interest is harder than grabbing their attention so me and my team need to stay focused on the customers needs. So what will the students be expecting on the day to cheddar gorge. I may use bullets and subheadings, and break up the text to make my points stand out.

Desire-As I’m going to be building the reader’s interest, I need to also help them to understand what I am offering them and how it can help them in a real way and the main way of doing this is by appealing to their personal needs and wants. I will also need to explain to the GCSE students what’s in it for them. Action- now I need to wait and see the actions that the GCSE geography students will take. This includes if they are willing to pay for the trip and go and enjoy the educational day trip.

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