Aims and objectives of different businesses

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Nowadays there are many different types and sorts of businesses. It’s very important be able to recognise and distinguish them. It’s important to understand how and why do they set their aims and objectives and how do they help business to survive and develop. So if business has concrete objectives and one or few aims, it can develop according to them. If organisation doesn’t have any targets, it will stop doing any progress.

Within this report I have included information about 5 different businesses and tried to find out the most important differences between them. I’ve described different types of organisations, not only one sector, because different sectors have different purposes of existing as well. Purpose of this report is to give understanding about differences between aims and objectives of different organisations.

I will tell you about:

3 private sector organisations of different sizes;

1 public sector organisation;

1 charity organisation;

And I’ll explain you how the differ

South Yorkshire police

This is Public organisation, whose main aims are to protect lives and property, maintenance of orders, prevention & detection of crime and prosecution of offenders. They have many different objectives, the most important are to increase satisfaction of citizens, improve road safety, reduce percentage of hate, violent, acquisitive crime, particularly reduce gun and serious and organised crime, try to solve problems with police staff sickness. So this organisation tries to improve its performance rather than just surviving or staying on the same level. This is the only organisation I’ve listed that is providing services instead of selling something.


This is typical private sector organisation; their main objective is to be the best of all other shops and to make a profit. Their current objectives are: to have 70% of customers using a club card, to attempt a new shelving arrangement, obtaining more revenues that will rival the store, to have all Christmas temporary places occupied by 1st of December. They are aiming to grow and improve their business.

Andrew’s Golden COD

This is small private sector business which has got one store only and their main aim is not only making profit but surviving as well, because they have many competitors and they don’t have lot of permanent customers. And they have objectives as remaking kitchen to make it more ergonomic and comfortable – it will help to reduce waiting time for orders, train cook to improve quality and taste of food and increase range of choice, reduce prices to attract more customers.

British Heart foundation

This is a charity organisation which sells different used and sometimes new items and then all profit goes to charity. Their vision is a world where people don’t die prematurely from heart disease. And their main mission is to play a leading role in the fight against disease of the heart and circulation. Their main objectives are:

half the number of people under 75 who die from cardiovascular disease;

make sure at least two thirds of people under 75 survive a heart attack;

reduce heart-related deaths in all UK local authority areas to the current level in South East England or below;

reverse the increase in childhood obesity.


McDonald’s Corporation is public sector organisation, the world’s largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants, serving around 64 million customers daily in 119 countries. McDonald’s main aims are to serve good food in a friendly and fun environment, to be a socially responsible company and provide good returns to our shareholders. The company aims to provide its customers with food of a high standard, quick service and value for money. They also wish to be more eco-friendly and to serve healthier food.


All there 5 organisations are aiming to make profit, but they spend their money in different ways – South Yorkshire police invests its money to improve functionality, working conditions and sharpen up performance, TESCO uses money for upgrading its stores, Andrew’s Golden COD makes some basic improvements to attract more customers because they need more profit just to survive and finally McDonald’s uses its money for marketing, ecological needs, but most of money goes to its owners as profit of company. Except south Yorkshire police, all other companies have at least one common thing – they are selling something. Most of them are trying to improve something; it means they want to grow, however Andrew’s Golden COD aims mostly to survive, because it’s just a small business.

For example, if we compare McDonald’s and South Yorkshire Police, they’ve got many common things and objectives like sharpen up quality and standards of their products and services and making customers happy. But, if we compare McDonald’s and Andrew’s Golden COD, their objectives are completely different because McDonald’s as a worldwide company is aiming to open more and more restaurants around the globe and to offer many different extras to its customers, but the second one is just trying to survive and somehow to reduce prices to attract a little bit more .

However, if we are comparing British Heart Foundation AND McDonald’s, they are both struggling for healthy lifestyle on the face of it, but they are completely different organisations though. McDonald’s aim is to make as much as possible money as it is private sector organisation, but BHS is a charity that is investing all its money to fight against heart diseases. And if we compare BHS and business like Andrew’s Golden COD, they’ve got almost nothing in common. Aims of TESCO and BHS are different, but they have to achieve them in the same ways – by recruiting more staff, offering discounts and selling unusual and demanded items.

British Heart organisation

BHS is the largest charity in the UK. Their achievements are invaluable in heart and circulatory disease sphere.

During last year many researches have been made and they gave new achievements and attainments. BHF also invested £4 million in four new large programmes and ten cluster projects under the Hearty Lives initiative. They also invested £0.5 million in their Heart Information Series. During this year, researches

In my opinion they meet their objectives very successfully, because they are aiming to reduce percentage of heart diseases, make new achievements during medical researches. In 2010 the BHF spent their income on Research (57%), care and prevention (43%). BHF invested a net £48.4 million in research during the year. In Prevention and Care, as well as funding their on-going activity in healthcare professionals (£2.5 million), placing defibrillators in places of need (£1.4 million) and producing heart health resources for all age groups. As we can see, not only raise lots of money each year, but also make campaigns and advertisements, which make people to think about their health more carefully. I think this organisation has a bright future, because it helps people to live a happy life. As we can see in their annual reports, they raise more and more money each year and discover new problems and solutions every year. They get more and more successful.

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