After-sales service

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After-sales service – Tesco have to make sure, how well a customer is treated after they have bought an item is almost as important as how well they are treated before they make a purchase. Expensive or complicated items are more likely to be offered with an after-sales service. They will be located at the front of the stores so the customers can clearly see them so they can go to them if they need any information or have a problem. Being located at the front, so they will be the first people the customers meet shows how important they are to Tesco. This department is also in charge of handing out leaflets to the customers, for general information or informing them of the special offers going.

For example over Christmas when it is busy there are usually price reductions which will make the customers want to spend. They will also give advice over the phone if a customer has seen a product online for example they might want some further information about it if the online service didn’t provide sufficient information needed. The staff around the store will also have to know information so they can offer help to the customers, so all the customers will have to be trained to deal with the public so they can communicate with them in the right manner. For example if a customer has decided to go shopping with a list of goods they need and they don’t know where they all are they can ask the customer service department and they can help by telling them the ails where their goods are.

Research and Development

This department is in charge of research and development so that their firm can grow and expand. For example the research and development department at Tesco will conduct research on a new type of energy drink that Tesco are planning to sell. They will research the type of flavours and ingredients that are available and they best ones to use so that Tesco make a profit out of them. Unless a firm is continually improving and developing its product range it cannot succeed. Once a firm has launched a new product in service, if things go to plan sales will gradually increase. But there will come a point where sales level off and then decline.

This sequence is known as the product life circle. Declining sales means reduced incomes for the business. Businesses are always looking to develop new products or relaunch old ones with some changes that are attractive to customers. Because of this many firms have research and development departments. These, usually small, sections aim to come up with new ideas to improve either the design of the product or the performance of the product. In attempting to suggest improvements and changes the R&D section must bear in mind three considerations.

The three ‘p’s Price – any new ideas they have must be capable of being produced at a price consumers are prepared to pay. Practicality – new ideas developed in a laboratory or at a designer’s desk are one thing. Making them in large quantities is something else. The new idea is only useful if it can be done in a commercial scale. Another consideration is that the idea is only practical if the consumer is likely to buy the product. Profit – any new idea will only be developed by the firm if it is profitable. There is often a conflict between the consumers need and the firms need to make a profit.

These three pressures show how the R;D section needs to be in touch with the Marketing Department as well as the Manufacturing section of the business. Links with the personnel are obvious when it comes to recruiting highly qualified staff to work in this area. Monitoring costs of the development make links with the Finance section important. They need for communication with marketing is great as no new product can be successful unless there is a demand for it.

Human resources

A firm needs to be able to decide on the right people for the jobs it has and ensure that its employees – the people who work for the firm – work well and are content. The part of the production that deals with matters relating to the workforce might be called the Personnel Department, the Human Resource Department, the Manpower Section or the Staffing Department. Whatever name is used, the department needs to look after the businesses staff or personnel needs.

The role of the Human Resources in Tesco is to motivate and encourage employees to work to their full extent. They are responsible for recruiting and dismissing employees, but do not make the decision. The line manger at Tesco is the person who is responsible for making the decision the human recourses department simply help out during the procedure.

The Human Resource Department must link up with other parts of the organisation to make sure that the right sort of personnel are being recruited and managed properly. To carry out its work the Department must make sure it obeys employment law so members need to be able to draw on some legal skills. In order to ensure the workforce is working efficiently and effectively it also uses skills relating to psychology (how individuals think and act) and sociology (how individuals think and act in groups). To help employees work as effectively as possible their work and rewards need to be organised in a way that helps individuals to meet their own needs, as well as the needs of the firm.

The Human Resource Department has an important role in helping to motivate or encourage employees to work to the best of their ability. Successful businesses develop their goods and services to anticipate customers’ demands and satisfy them. It is important that a firm’s employees are kept up to date with changes and development that affect their jobs and careers. This not only benefits the firm but also improves the employees’ furture job prospects.

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