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Everywhere we look we see advertisements. When we walk down the streets adverts are constantly attracting us, trying to get us to look at them whether we know it or not. By time you are sixty you will have been exposed to roughly 50 million adverts. Your average high street contains hundreds of different adverts. These are all designed to make us but their brands products. Designers of advertising may spend weeks or months designing a single advert to make it more appealing to the market at which they are aiming.

These advertisements can be seen on the television, can be heard on the radio, printed in the newspaper, on the Internet, stuck on walls and even used on vehicles. Everyday new ways of advertising are dreamt up all trying to do the same job, transfix the right product image onto our minds. Nike, MacDonald’s, Microsoft are a few examples of companies that spend substantial amounts of money on advertising. This is known as Globalisation. Many of these types of companies are taking over smaller brands are springing up everywhere. If we take Nike as an example, during 1987 Nike spent just 40 million dollars on advertising.

In just ten years this increased by more than ten times, to almost 500 million dollars. This then doubled in 4 years to almost 1 billion dollars in 2001. These companies are willing to pay vast amount of money to get their brand recognised everywhere. It seems that no matter how low the prices of smaller companies become, people still opt for the pricier option of the better-known brand. This is because people are willing to pay more for a better-known brand because of what is associated with the brand logo. It is the customer’s emotional investment in the product. The people behind all the money spending are doing it for a good reason.

The most successful companies are generally the ones that spend the money on advertisings whether or not they are the best products. Without advertising a product would fail to sell or do well. The main reason for advertising is competition. Without competition there would be no need for advertising. In this essay we will discuss the various techniques used by advertisers to promote their product. Techniques used Advertisers use several techniques in order to make their product more appealing to their target audience. They attempt to make the customer, you and I, feel like we want their product and cannot live without it.

There are two levels on which advertisements appeal to us: The denotation level: the obvious meaning that appeals to our rational mind. The connotation level: the level that is beneath the surface, which appeals to our emotional side and acts on our subconscious. Advertisers use three main subject areas on which to base their promotions. These are: text, image and layout. Text This refers to the types of words used for example: “NEW”, “IMPROVED”, etc. These are important because words like “NEW” encourage the customer to go for that particular product over the older one.

This is all down to the image that people want to give about themselves. This is why advertisers use exciting words to improve the advertisement for the product they are selling. The word TEXT could also refer to statistics or scientific language. These help to prove that this particular product outperforms or is better than its rivals. An example of this could be washing up powder. The advertiser could say that its product washes far better than its rival. It could also say it lasts far longer by showing the number of washes that can be done before having to buy some more.

Or it could be humour, puns, alliteration, repetition, play on words and slogans. There are many examples of these; here are some to name but a few: an example of a slogan, “I cant believe it’s not butter”. The idea of this is to make a short sentence stick in your mind and when you see the product in the shop to remind you and make you buy it. An example of play on words: an advert for Stella McCartney perfume. It is called “Stella” which is the name of the perfume and or the maker but also “stellar” means star and this can suggest that wearing it will stress the illusion that you are in the company of stars and famous people.

This is designed to make ordinary people feel special about themselves. They think that wearing the perfume will make them like the stars and famous people that perhaps they would like to be. There is one more example of what TEXT could mean: it could also refer to the font used or whether the type used is bold or italic. Thus is very useful to advertisers because if you want to emphasize a particular word for their product they could use very bold writing with a clear underlined font.

This makes it stand out and as the average time a person looks at anyone advert is three seconds it puts this image about the product straight into your head whereas if the advert has many paragraphs the consumer might not stop to read it. Image The second key method used by advertisers to get us to look at their products is IMAGE. This is very important as it could make us relate to an advert in a split second. This is the power of images. One example of this is using famous people to promote a product.

This is a very clever way to advertise as using a famous face makes you look and remember that advert and hopefully that particular product. It would encourage a consumer to buy that product because in doing so it would somehow make them appear alongside the successful and rich person in the advert and thus identify with them. One very good example of an advertisement that caught many people’s eyes is that of the Wonderbra advert in which model Eva Herzigova posed in the latest underwear. This advert was used in several places but most commonplace was on the side of bus shelters.

This advertising campaign was so popular it eventually led to it being taken down after suffering many complaints due to many male drivers becoming distracted and crashing. Another way of making an advert more appealing is using colours to promote the feeling and attitude that you want to create. If you want a natural, cool feeling you could use colours such as whites and light browns or greens. But if you want a warm, comforting and romantic atmosphere you could use rich reds, deep purples and creams. By varying things as simple as the background could make the difference between your advertisements being successful or a catastrophe.

Layout The third and final way used to advertise is LAYOUT. This refers to the way we read the advert. For example it has been proved that we read from the top left down towards the bottom right. This way the advertisers can place what he feels is important in certain areas of the advert. For example the slogan could be placed in the top left, the image directly in the middle and the name of the brand in the bottom right so that you remember the name. Another thing that is placed under the title LAYOUT is television and radio advertising.

Here the sound effects are very important more so that the imagery and particularly the radio. In some cases the jingle or song that has been placed in an advert can become more famous by being associated with the advert than for the song itself. An example is that of the advertisement for the football on Sky Sports. This advertisement used a song made by Elton John, “Are you ready for love? ” Whilst it was used for the advertisement demand for the song was such that it made it to number one twenty-five years after it was first published. This shows the power of advertising.

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