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I can use this method of advertising to tell people about my product in such a way that the customers are persuaded to actually buy the product, or change their opinion and behaviour. Public relations Public relations is the department that try’s to promote the product and show the good side of the company to the public. I can use this form of promotion to bring my name and products to the attention of the public and potential consumers.

It’s an advantage of creating a good image of my business and this may be done by issuing new stories of events surrounding itself to the press, or by associating my business with an event, such as sporting or celebrity event (rarely used). Other opportunities for Public relations in general include: open days where potential customers are invited into an organisation to see how it operates, in the hose newspapers that are circulated among employees and customers and getting celebrities to endorse a business or product.

I will not take this option of having a celebrity to promote my product, as it is very expensive to hire a celebrity and also they wouldn’t be even interested to visit my shop because its not a major large organisation, and there are many retail business like mine situated all over the country. However it will be a bonus if a celebrity visits my newsagents shop and buys a product because fans may feel that they should also use the product too and visit my shop regularly! I can also use functions like sponsoring e. g. local school football kits (described in “what my customers want” task) with the name and logo of my business.

Sponsorship of this kind, may produce a limited amount of promotional opportunity, but are felt to be worthwhile because they help to further human achievement and also to create a better image of my business. Other methods I can use to achieve publicity by issuing a press release to the press. Press releases are only effective if they attract the attention and interest of the reader. I will intend to issue a press release locally as my business would only be applicable to a tiny percentage of people. Advertising agencies Advertise is a very expensive business, to make sure that the money is well spent I will hire a company to do it right.

For my advertising campaign to be successful it must: As you can see I have used many reasonable types of media in promoting my business because in this way the information will be seen by many people in the local area and hopefully will encourage them to buy my products/visit in my shop. I have chosen leaflets as a form of advertising as they are inexpensive. It is very good at targeting a certain group and with it I can even hand them out personally either posting it through the letterbox or even distributing it on roads.

However there will be some negative effects e. g. majority of the people may not even bother reading the advertising material, but I will still introduce these methods on a time-to-time basis. I have also decided to create an Internet website about my business and my products because I have easy access to the Internet and computer; also it’s very cheap to actually create the website through a popular company like “ECWEBS”. There are many people in the UK that have access to the computer and internet, which means there is more chance for my business to be well-known and popular as the people will visit my website. But it depends on the presentation of the website that “ECWEBS” create!

If the information on the website is neatly and colourfully presented, this will attract the population to visit my shop and enabling them to purchase my products. Nevertheless I have heard that this company produces high standard presentation and is very good in promoting my business/products. I will also pay 48 per year (+VAT) extra in order to promote my business/product repetitively on the website, as they will include newer and updated features. The last source of advertising I am going to use is placing specialist posters on my shop window and on local transport like buses and trains.

I have chosen this because it’s very cheap to advertise and they grab attention easily due to being big in size and very colourful. Other methods that I have planned to use are through Yellow pages as it is very cheap e. g. 100 only for a year’s coverage in the book, and on backs of bus tickets. It would be impractical of having a television advert because I only have a local shop in a local area, and television is not good to advertise in the local area, also it’s too expensive for a local business like mine.

If I do go ahead for a television advert, it will be a waste of money, since the number of customers it would bring, would probably not make the advert worth the setting up costs. The other methods of advertising that I rejected were through cinemas, billboards, magazines, radio and newspapers. I rejected the cinema option because the information only informs to a limited number of people, which is not good for my business to gain popularity. Also as young people normally see films and this may be a disadvantage as they often have the least money.

Billboards are expensive and my business is not on that stage where it is very popular and grown (same thing with magazines). I think using radio and local newspapers as a method of advertising is not applicable just yet. They are quite expensive than I expected it to be and I will decide on using these methods later on (not in the first year). As my business grows and gets more popular, I will decide to use other and more expensive methods of advertising, as I want my business then to be recognised all over the country.


The main objectives of promotion for my firm are to inform customers and prospective customers about my products, to tell customers and prospective customers about the benefits of using my products and to persuade customers and potential customers to buy my products. A promotion is not run for a very long time, they are used to help the advertising, and to get existing and new customers to buy the product. This is only ever used for a short time. An example of a promotion is “buy one get one free” for a certain time. This type of promotion is known as below-the-line promotion (reductions or even special offers)!

A similar effect can be obtained by making special offers. Like price reductions, special offers are normally available for a limited time. My business will not simply use one method of promotion (above or below-the-line-promotion), but will use a combination of methods to achieve my aims. I will mainly concentrate on above the line promotion first because I want the customers to know that I sell good products in my shop and the most obvious way and quicker way is to use this method where advertising will take part so more and more customers can know about my products.

Later on I will use below the line promotion at times when I will need to reduce prices to promote my business and also to provide special offers on special and non-special occasions (very rarely). The use of free samples, gifts, competitions are not very suitable for my shop. This is because it would be impractical to give out free samples and competitions as it will take a lot of time to set up and run, and gifts are not of any use as you normally only buy one of the products.

I will now produce a budget for my promotion for the first year and I will explain how it will be spent. Budget A budget is a forecast of the profit my business expects to generate in the first year. It sets targets for income and expenditure during the period. Estimates are made of the anticipated income that my business will receive from selling its product, and its expenditure on items such as raw materials, personal costs, advertising, power, transport and administration.

My Budget Key Posters = 15p per poster if done by myself, or 40p per poster if produced by specialists (in colour). Leaflets = 15p per poster if done by myself, or 40p per poster if produced by specialists (in colour). Internet Website = A professional 2 page website starts at 350 + VAT including website design (including graphics), domain name and 1st year’s web hosting. This service is offered by a popular company “ECWEBS”.

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