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Every day we are exposed to over 300 adverts, and by the time we are 60 years old we will have seen an average of 50 million ads. Adverts are so widespread nowadays that most famous companies can be recognised anywhere in the world using their logos. Like the M for McDonalds, this can be recognised in countries that don’t even use the same letters as us, for example. China or Russia. Advertising is the way in which companies promote their products to the general public. The advertising companies make the ads they do as enchanting and as captivating as they can.

Advertising really took off back in the 1930s when manufacturers started making more products than they were selling so they had to determine a way to persuade people to buy more products than was necessary, this way was advertising. Advertising can sometimes have a major impact on people’s lives, such as one particular woman who was reputed to earn i?? 30,000 a year but she got into a debt of twice as much as she earned. She said that she could not control herself and had to have the latest model of everything.

This is one example that demonstrates the power of adverts and they how they can subliminally brainwash people which is what the companies want. With respect to competition, adverts would not work without it because the people who design them, intend their ideas to look better than the competition to encourage the consumer to buy their product. Television is a media form that most people believe to be the most effective form of advertising as billions of people around the world tune into their televisions everyday. When advertising on the television, adverts can cost hundreds of millions of pounds or dollars.

Classically, during the super bowl in America, when the vast population are glued to their televisions, adverts can cost up to $1 million a second. Different types of advertising is used in television; some companies choose to follow a story, this is where they produce a series of adverts that follows a theme and each new run of adverts carried on with next part of the story. This captures the audiences’ imagination and they become engrossed with the story line, waiting to see what comes in the next advert that contains the next part of the story.

Shock value is another method; this shocks the viewers by having something outrageous happen during the advert, and is done so that people remember that particular advert. Two other ways that are used in ads on TV is humour, to make the viewers laugh and hence remember it, and depicting a sexual theme in their adverts, this is because sex sells, especially in this country! Another form of advertising is through the printed media such as magazines, newspapers, buses, billboards and posters etc.

In magazines and newspapers the adverts are strategically placed on the back, inside front cover and the middle. Where the advert is placed affects its cost, if they are placed in the areas I specified then it will be more expensive. The thickness and paper quality that the ad is on also give a sub-liminal message to the reader as better quality paper links to a better quality product. Slogans are very powerful when used appropriately and can stick in the mind, like “have a break, have a Kit-Kat” for Kit-Kat.

Radio adverts must rely on sound alone and cannot be expressed through visual means, so they nearly always feature jingles in them, which are often catchy but also sometimes annoying and simple which is what the advertisers want because it will stick in your mind. New media is the type of adverts that you get on the internet like “pop-up boxes”, junk mail. Spam and adverts can also be sent to your mobile phone now via text messages. There are also other techniques used to encourage sales such as product placement,. This is when companies pay to have their product appear or be used in a popular TV programme or film.

Free samples are also distributed so the public can sample the product before they buy it so they can explore options they wouldn’t have if the sample was not free. Sponsorship s another factor that is used, this is when a company pays for celebrities to appear in their adverts, for example, Gary Linekar appearing in the Walkers adverts, or David Beckham and Roberto Carlos in the Pepsi adverts. Sponsorship is also used in many sports, for example, football and the Grand Prix; they will have the companies’ logo on either the football shirt or on the side of the cars.

Endorsement is where a celebrity is paid to wear or use a company’s product, for example, a celebrity will wear hair gel or football boots. The adverts we see are designed to relate to how our sub-conscious sees the adverts and this is the part of the brain that thinks without us being aware of it. Subliminal advertising is used in every advert, which locks in with the sub-conscious, and means something that has an effect on us without us knowing it. I will now review and analyse three adverts chosen from ‘Loaded’ magazine. Tenchu, Wrath of Heaven This is a game for the Play Station 2.

The audience that this is aimed at are males between the ages of 10 and 25, with interests in stealthy, violent, adventure games. The representation of this product indicates a sly, furtive, action game, with quite a lot of danger and mystery involved in it. The text is split into short phrases, to give a pause in between so that it builds up the suspension. It also makes it seem easier to read, like it is split up into bite size, manageable chunks. The main picture takes up the whole page; the face appears as though it is hidden in the background and this in itself is showing it to be secretive.

The eyes are in the top half of the page and psychologists have researched this technique, suggesting that the reader will look at the advert like a face, and the eyes appearing in the top half makes it relate to where they would be on a face. In the layout the picture is hidden in the background in black and white with the text standing out, but there is a box with text in it that is contrasted in red to make it stand out. The logos are in the bottom two corners, and it is the intention that this will be the last thing you see so it will stick in your mind.

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