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There is a major technical code which is the bubbles, they come up after the first scene or caption when the lady dives in, covering the screen and this makes the advert feel fresh, cool, a sense of being new clean and refreshing. Text included in the Advert: The slogan is present on every Muller yoghurt that we see, Muller use the slogan ‘ Lead a Muller life’ * We are given the information that there are 15 delicious fruity flavours that are tasty than normal.

Those who are being addressed by this advert are a variety of ages, as from in the advert there were those who were 10- 12 years old and there was also a woman present who was around early 60’s. So the audience is on a broad scale.  The typeface being use is very bold when they explain lead a Muller life, the ‘Lead’ part of that phrase is in block capitals and is in contrasting colour to the writing. Objects that are included: The advert is set at a public swimming pool and/or public park area.

You can denotate this as there a variety of ages there, everyone is wearing the same sort of bathing suit, for example swimming costume, bikini, surf t-shirt. There is also a life guard present which gives you the idea of it being a public area. The objects included in the advert are mainly people present at a park enjoying them selves. Here we can say the colour reflects the way in which the person is enjoying themselves, for example they are in black and white and haven’t had a Muller yoghurt therefore they haven’t lead a Muller life which is exciting, bursting with natural goodness and colour.

The product only appears four to five times in the advert with each different individual. The camera shot for focussing up on the person eating the Muller yoghurt starts with a zoom out of the person and seeing them change colour then they zoom up on the person eating the yoghurt focussing on their facial expressions and also focusing on the yoghurt pot itself. The mise en scene is black and white and suggests to the reader that they are not leading the suitable life, although they seem to be having fun their life is still dull (usage of colours i. e. the blacks and whites and greys) without the Muller life.

The function of the advert as a whole: This advert is aimed at a wide range of audience; it’s aimed at children and adults, children to pester their parents and adults who want to be energetic! The advert is promising 15 delicious fruity Muller yoghurts new on sale, an improved recipe. The music in the background and the background chatting are also allocated inn previous adverts and so some previous knowledge is needed, to recognise Muller’s them tune. In the publication the advert appears between the soaps which is from 7 onwards. So the product is aimed for the older children i. e. those who are around the age of 10 upwards.

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