Advertising and Marketing Assignment

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I have chosen to analyse two advertisements which advertise a Peugeot 807 and a Ford Streetka, the two adverts are aimed at two very different categories this is mainly due to the magazines in which they were found. The function of the first advertisement is to sell the Peugeot 807 to the correct target audience which is families. The advert its self is unique and doesn’t reflect any other media or text. Although it is a very simple advert and reflects everyday life it could have been adapted from another advert.

I understand the advert by the narrative used. The advertisers have used narrative in this advert to allow their audience to understand the full meaning of the advert. The narrative in which they have used is anti narrative they have compared past experiences to the future experience for example they have compared technology and then have written the text in a format of face to face conversation. This makes the advert feel unique to the person reading it and also gets them involved in the advert.

The advert is promising ‘The Drive of your Life’ this is Peugeots slogan and grabs the readers due to the fact that the slogan is very positive and saying that something is the drive of your life you want to know what makes this one car special and unique to the rest of the cars out there and also what it offers. The Peugeot 807 advert is illustrated in colour, although the colour codes in the whole advert are very dull, the background colours merge as t5hey are all very similar colours. The foreground colours are pretty much the same although there is an aspect of light coming from the left hand side, mainly focussing on the car and reaching the tips of the foliage in the advertisement. The passage of light which is directed at and around the car draws your eye to the car and also draws your eye to the image of the key and the hand holding it.

The car its self is in focus and many of the main features in the foreground. The mise en scene colours are quite dark I get the impression that they aren’t important and also the colours seem to be merging into one another. From the image I can see a house, from this I can conotate that the house is occupied by a family and this coincides with the car, due to the fact that there is a child sitting next to the car and also from the captions. ‘Its good to know you have control over some things’ this caption has a very basic humour to adults with children.

I can conotate that the adults have control whether they allow the children to get in or get out of the control all with a click of the button. The child sitting to the left of the car also backs up this thought, his facial expressions and his body composure shows that he is fed up. His head is in his hands and he is scrunched up, from this I can come to the conclusion that the child doesn’t like the fact that his parents can determine when he gets in and when he gets out of the car, he does not like the fact that he has no control.

The text included in the advert is a bit too much. The terms and conditions are written at the bottom of the page and the details of the car itself are written at the top of the page, but instead of stating each key feature very basic. The advertisers have made sure that they have made it suitable for the readers. For example it has used an everyday situation where one of the parents have their hands full and are un able to open the doors and this is a main selling point to the car, the wording of the caption has been structured ion a positive and very catching way to the readers. It has also used the common statement about the children being a nuisance in the back of the car. But not anymore as the car its self has a built in DVD player! The advertisers have thought about what would sell and how it would appeal to the specific audience and have used everyday situations to lure their customers in.

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