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Advertising s used to sell or promote products, jobs or services. It is used by companies or manufacturers to sell a product or a service and promote it as the best. It can be found virtually everywhere. It is found on the television, Internet, in books, magazines, newspapers, radio, information pamphlets, leaflets and on transport. It is also on billboards and posters.  When a company advertises it tries to relate its product to a target group or groups. In society there are certain types of people and different ages to target, for example, attempting to advertise a child’s doll to a middle-aged bachelor group would prove less successful than advertising to the child’s age group. In society the main percentage of buyers can be split into groups as identified by market researchers some time ago. The five groups are:-

MAINSTREAMERS:- These people do not wish to stand out. They would rather be unnoticed and have the same products as the majority of society. This provides them with the type of security. They tend to buy well-known product, such as Heinz. This group takes up forty percent of the population. SUCCEEDERS:- These seem to have no need for any symbols or security. They feel that they have already achieved a status and do not need to climb higher up the ladder. They are more interested in maintaining their position.

ASPIRERS:- This group feel the need for better quality goods that will show their status like a Rolex watch or Porsche. They need to show that they are climbing up the ‘class’ ladder. The theory seems to be that if they show money and wealth the will have better lives. This group can often get themselves into debt. REFORMERS:- This group tend to buy products that makes them feel self-fulfilled. That they will buy products that will benefit the environment. This group is generally teachers or otherwise well educated people.

INDIVIDUALS:- Not everyone will fit into the above groups and are then labelled individuals. Some people go out of their way to be themselves. Advertisers also appeal to these people, although they are individuals, but promoting the product as “off-beat”. Advertisers use all sorts of techniques to make their adverts and products to stand out from the rest. Bright colours, and bold writing and statements are often used to draw attention. On the television the internal volume is turned up for the adverts to make them more noticeable. The size of an advert is also used. Companies who wish to advertise will buy as much space and/or airtime as they can just to get a ‘head start’. Once the potential buyer has their attraction focused on the advert, the company then has to sell the product as though it is the best. The language used mainly does this.

The language used in an advertisement is very important. It could make or break a product. If the language used does not promote the product as the best or the most useful, then it could be seen as a bad advert. Some adverts have ‘catchy’ slogans to sell their product. If this slogan becomes popular it is usually used within the target group and therefore the product is continually advertised. For example: “Every little helps” Tesco used this as a slogan. It enforces the point that only a little money put into Tesco’s will help. Also, it may imply that Tesco’s will go to any length, no matter how small, to make your shopping easier.

“You can with a Nissan” This slogan enforces the freedom and the range of uses a Nissan may have. It is ‘catchy’ as it rhymes, but it is short and sharp and so it is memorable. “Join the fun at Rollerworld” This slogan enforces the idea that we may be missing out on fun already going on at Rollerworld. This is will mostly attract young people that don’t want to miss out on the most popular place in their area. Different adverts use different methods of attracting a consumer to buying a product. One type of advert will try to exploit your weaknesses, one type of advert could play on our weakness for more for you money, i.e. free gifts, coupons, offers or deals, only if you buy that particular item.

CHARLES TYRWHITT adverts. This advert is an example of this particular type of greed. Not only does the customer feel the need for a high quality, ‘hand finished’ shirt, they would also like a silk, expensive tie, which comes free with the shirt. The word ‘free’ may come across as a lower stature statement, so the writer tries to even out the effect by adding on ‘worth up to �45’. The picture in the advert also has cufflinks that is a symbol of wealth if worn everyday. Also red and blue clothing is displayed which are very established colours that could be related to royalty or Parliament.

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