Advertising a Business

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I will try to advertise my business by producing business cards, headed paper and three folded leaflets. Analysis: In a promotional package of my business I will need advert in a popular car magazine. I have to write my address and e-mail address on the left bottom of the advert. Also I need to tell them my name and a phone number so they can call me and ask for more information. I put it in a car magazine, because I think that only older (18+) people read car magazines and they are able and have the money to buy cars.

It is absolutely essential to have a business card to give to people you meet on the street or to people so they can contact you. On feature 1 I will tell you, what information you need on a business card. You would need to give your business card to people who want to contact you and want to have essential information about me (address, phone number etc. ) with them in a small format (! ) – in a wallet or pocket. You would mainly give it to adults, because they are the ones who have the money to buy things.

Of course you give it also to young people so they can inform themselves. You would hand them out yourself. You also need some compliment slips. You normally attach them to a letter if someone requested information. I explain a compliment slip on feature 2 and what information it has to contain. You send these slips to any one; there is no special age because some teenager may want some information about cars, too (normally adults). This would be send by your assistant to people. The 3rd thing you would need is headed paper.

You or your assistant would use it to write letters to customers or other people. You save the headed paper in Word and you just write your letter under the heading, which involves information about you and your business. I describe a headed paper on feature 3. My or my assistant would use it for writing letters. And the 4th and last thing is: 3 folded leaflets! You give these to people of any age. I describe one in feature 4. You can use it to write information about you or your business.

Or you write prices on it like on my example in feature 4. You can attachi?? it to letters or just give it to people to inform them about the current price of special cars. Software Because the presentation of my headed paper, compliment slip, 3 folded leaflet and business card is very important and my business can’t afford a laser colour printer (my business is sending more than 100 letters per day, so we need a fast printer!!! ) we will have to go to a professional printer agency to print all our needs.

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