Advertisement Campaign for the product

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Advertisement Campaign for the product ‘Smelly Pet’ Our aim was to come up with an advertising design which would help to sell the product Smelly Pet. Smelly pet is a product which prevents your pet from having bad breath and fir. We had to look and ask questions about three main issues which were marketing, graphics and language. We also needed to make a presentation on what we had decided, to try to make the owners of the product want us to advertise their product. We needed to make a large scale poster of the advert and use it to present our work.

When marketing we had to find out what kind of customers would want to by the product, this would help us with the design and also where to advertise and where to sell. The obvious purchaser of someone buying a product which takes bad smells away from animals would be a pet owner. With this information we decided to advertise in places such as a veterinary surgery and animal lovers’ magazines, places which the obvious pet lovers are able to see. There are also bill board and supermarkets witch could also be used.

We then decided that we would sell the product in supermarkets and pet stores, places where a lot of pet products are sold. We wanted the advertisement to appeal to all ages so we wanted the language to be simple but informative. We used full sentences also so it would appeal to all ages. We wanted a slogan which was rememberable and rhyming. We tried a lot of slogans but chose the following because it rhymed and told you what the product did and how long it would take. ‘Just spray and in less than a day the smell goes away’ We then had ideas on what the rest of the large type should be.

There was an idea that there should be a question in the advert. This would make the reader think of the related subject and hopefully if the product could be useful to them. Our task was also for it to appeal to all ages, the idea was that the child would read this but an adult would read the informative information at the bottom. Our final decision was to have two questions so the first makes you think about your pet and the second relating your pet to the product. Our final decision is shown below. ‘Do you love your pet? ‘ ‘Even when it’s smelly? ‘

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