Advert and the majority of the responses

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We had an audience viewing our advert and the majority of the responses said that the advert works well, with the brand identity/style/music. It does do its job when it comes to attracting people to this drink but the main criticism was that it doesn’t target mixed genders. So the teenage girls felt that this didn’t target them as much it targeted the boys. Another trend in comment was that they liked the theme of smashing, as the bottle is smashed after its drunk and then the final transition we use is the screen breaking away.

I think our ad does relate to other TV adverts that promote a number of products as well as energy drinks. For example the ‘Sporties’ advert shows Michael Owen eat the cereal and do lots of energetic things, and out advert shows the product in use (being drunk) and then the person who drinks it becomes energetic and plays well. So it has similarities as it shows our product in use and its positive affects. It does compare positively; it would probably sell as well because it an attractive advert but teenage girls probably wouldn’t buy it because it doesn’t target them as much.

But in my opinion I think this advert does work effectively for teenage boys as this was proved in our survey. This would probably be best placed on comedy and music channels as many teenagers watch these types of channels, and it may also work on ITV and channel for between programmes such as ‘Friends’ that many teenagers would watch. So this would be around evening time. This is because pupils watch TV after they arrive home from school. This could be on TV around anytime of the week, but especially weekdays and Sundays.

I think this is a well working advert that suites it’s music and brand identity as a whole. However this advert doesn’t really target girls, except for the voice over at the end, but even that doesn’t really involve girls using the drink and playing in the advert. If we had the chance to improve this I would probably get some girls to act in our advert, with mixed teams, this would make the ad non-sexist and it would target mixed genders. We worked well as a group overall, but at first it took us time to all agree upon an idea, but we all contributed good ideas and came 2 final agreements.

I did enjoy this project, shooting the pictures was fun; and I learnt how to use Adobe Premiere and put together stills using transitions. I’ve also learned to split the work in a team effort and make sure everything is fair. As a group and individually I would approach the project differently from the start, as we started off too ambitiously and we thought of things that wouldn’t be practical, and this slowed us down at the start of the project.

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