Elevation – Advert Analysis

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Advert 1 Civic I think that the car advertised will be for males or females as it is a classy blue car. The car might be aimed for the older generation as the advert appears in a broadsheet newspaper for adults and business men. However it could be for younger business men as it has alloy wheels and stylish interiors which appears to the younger generation. I think that this car would be for customers with partners or even a family. However if they do have a family it would not be practical as the car does not have much room for children and their luggage.

This car will be suitable for people traveling in and out of the main cities as it is small and can fit into tight spaces. Customers buying this car would have to have a medium income as the style of car is quite up to date but will be low on maintenance and petrol prices. I then compared what the advert told me to what others who was interested in the car were like. There was a mixture of male and female customers which show that this car is a unisex car. Most of the buyers were young which show that this car is ideal for first cars. The people interested in buying the car didn’t have a family and lived in the city or near it which meant that the car was ideal for the day battles of transport. The customers that were going to buy this car had a low income or a medium income which also emphasizes the fact that it is an ideal first car.

Through looking at all of the above I have concluded that all car companies follow the same market segmentation and show that in the customer skills and advertisements. It also tells us that car companies do compete with customer quality and product quality as well as price. All companies try to produce a car that will suit a wide range of people interests and demands. Manufactures are able to sell their cars due to us as the customers relating to what we see on an advert or at the warehouse and picturing ourselves in the same surroundings.
In this chocolate bar advert, the slogan and the chocolate bar name are the biggest features of the copy.

The name of the chocolate bar, ‘Elevation,’ is illuminated by intense colours, such as orange, red and yellow; all fiery, energetic shades, which back up the name ‘Elevation,’ that implies strength and penetrating energy. The slogan in the ‘Elevation’ chocolate bar advert is ‘Resist Gravity,’ the font being conspicuous and immense, it is telling the spectators that if they bought ‘Elevation,’ they wouldn’t just get the gorgeous chocolate and creamy center, but they will also be buying the power to defy gravity and boost their sophistication and popularity. The words above each picture are small but simple to read, leaving the advert looking like a comic strip. The bold colours of the advert attract teenagers’ eyes and then imprint themselves on their minds.


The advert is cut up into six still images, each with a small section of text above it to explain what is occurring in the picture. The first still-image is a long shot of a skating ramp; there is a crowd of people behind the ramp and two individuals standing close to the camera. The persons in this advert are all young, and look reasonably cool, but not overly attractive, apart from the girl in front of the skating ramp next to the moderate teenage boy.

The brightest light is on the pretty girl, so the viewer’s eyes will automatically go to her and the boy next to her first, then the skating ramp. As it includes one of the most popular obsessions in teenage life, skating, this image’s purpose is to engage the observer, whereas the second depiction’s objective is to add a bit of ridicule into the advert and show one of a guys’ worst nightmares, and have the boy fail in front of the girl he feels affection for. It is caught in mid shot and this second picture begins to shape the short story and draw the observer in closer.

The third representation is the first time we see the product, naturally it’s in bright light and its vivid, active colours make the chocolate bar unmistakable. In this picture, the ‘Elevation’ chocolate bar is seen as the hero waiting to save the day, as if this angle isn’t enough to capture the viewer’s attention, the next still image is a big close up of the chocolate bar, displaying the hidden, scrumptious insides of the chocolate bar with nothing behind it except grass, so the viewer’s attention cannot be averted.

The fifth image contains a long shot of the boy accomplishing a rodeo 360 move on his skateboard, (a huge trick that involves the skater going upside down). The last picture has a close shot of the boy and the pretty girl who the young man adored. The teenage girl, is kissing him and the boy is holding out the ‘Elevation’ bar and grinning broadly, this last image is the utmost important one, it creates the ‘wow’ and ‘I want to be like them,’ in teenagers that will cause them to buy this chocolate bar. This picture also consists of the huge slogan and the chocolate bar’s name.

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