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This is a report on how my step dad, rob cook uses ICT at his work place which is build base in Nottingham. This is a builder’s yard but he works as a lorry driver. Rob uses ict a lot in his workplace and here are five examples of what he uses: 1. mobile phone 2. internet 3. Laptop 4. satellite navigation system(gps) 5. e-mails Rob uses his mobile in lots of different ways at work. One-way is for phoning back to his boss to find out information i. e. what’s my next job.

This saves time a lot, as he doesn’t have to go all the back to build base to get his next job this saves a lot of time. He uses his phone a lot he is on contract on the company pays his monthly bills. This is really beneficial to his needs as he could be working a long way from home and he need to ring his office in case of an emergency or other problems. He uses the Internet to help him find lots of information like news and sport. This helps him to kill time between jobs. He can use the Internet for work or non-work purposes.

He is connected to AOL, which is a American server. This is more beneficial to him between job cause drivers can only driver for a certain amount of time with out a half a hour break so during that time he surf the web. His laptop helps him in more then a few ways he can show the customer the different types of equipment and stuff he sells with out having to carry around loads of catalogues. He can also do ruff quotes on it for the customers. This helps him and the business a lot as it speed the process up.

This is more beneficial to his company then it is to him as it helps the customers make up there minds quicker and he can get in touch with the companies site so he can show the other customers what is for sale and what prices they go on sale for. Satellite navigation system or sat nav is probably the most useful thing he has got in his truck it show him the quickest way to get from one point to the other. It can also show him where and where not his is a loud to go this is really useful when he is in his artic lorry as its so big he can not go on a lot of the smaller roads.

The only problem is it is really expensive but the company paid for his so he is ok as it helps the company with making faster delivers. This is the most beneficial thing he has got as it helps him get to different points in the country faster then using road maps. It benefits him and the company as he doesn’t get wound up spending ages looking for place and the company as he can get more jobs done at a quicker time. It also tells the company where the driver is at that exact moment so they can check if the driver is slacking or not.

He uses email for writing quick notes to his boss and he can send quotes for his laptop to the customers computer he also uses it to send documents to his boss and other people. His email system meets his needs as he can write notes to his boss and make sure he gets them in a short amount of time, which is useful when he has lots of work to do in little time. It is more reliable then leaving a note on his table as he might put something on top of it and not see it.

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