Administration and ICT

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This department will work with the Marketing and sales department quite closely as the marketing and sales department will communicate with the production and operations department over levels of sales for say the Big Mac so that the supply can match the demand, so seeing as the big Mac is such a popular buy then the production and operations department will have to make more of the product so as to match the demand and say if there is something which isn’t as popular they stock less. The Production and Operations department will also need to make whatever the Marketing and Sales department asks of them so if they want something in the happy meal which they think will help sales then they have to comply.

The department also works closely with the Human Resources department as they will provide staff for the department and liaise with them over the job description so that they know exactly the skills that they are looking for in the employee as some skills are essential but others just preferred.

They will communicate with the marketing/Sales department and the HR department via Telephone Calls, Board Meetings or emails and possibly formal letters. Whereas when communicating outside the business they will communicate via Telephone calls and email as they external to the business and are on a off site location. So the PO department will communicate with their suppliers regularly and when ever a new order of a particular food or material they will be contacted. The PO department may also pay a personal visit to the supplier so as to negotiate with the company over possible deals.

Research and Development New products are developed all the time whether it be due to Technological advancements or a change in customer buying behaviour such as when a recession is on and customers have less money to spend on luxuries but in McDonalds’ case no matter what the economic climate people are going to need food to keep them going so McDonalds have to make sure that they offer the best deals so they can bring in the customers and make a profit at their competitors losses.

There may also be improvements on current products as the market research department may have picked out faults with the product as they have done a survey on the product and customers have pointed out where they would like there to be new features. This can be likened to McDonalds as they McDonalds like to have customer’s feedback on their products so they can take the appropriate action to improve the product.

In research and development the ICT section plays a major part as the Internet is a major part in keeping track of what your competitors are doing and what products they are releasing. They will also use ICT to create future developments such as when they are designing a new product or facility then the Graphics programs on the computer will be used to create 3-D models so as to give the rest of the business a view or a look into the future. This stage is very important as when these designs have been put forward it is much easier to make changes so as to create this product or Facility to the best of their ability and make it the best they can for the customers.

The research and development department communicates with the Marketing and Sales department regularly as the Marketing and research department will release questionnaires so as to get a customers opinion on a product once the questionnaires have been read and what most customers want has been clarified then the Research and development department will look at how these improvements could be moulded into the current product. McDonalds will use this as well so they will send out questionnaires say on the Big Mac meal and then they will feed back to McDonalds, then possibly they think that there should be s toy in the Big Mac meal but still at a cheap price so the R;D department will work with designers to develop the product that can be developed at a reasonable price and then sold at a competitive price.

However if McDonalds’ are planning a new release they will make sure they keep it under wraps so that their competitors do not find out about it so that means that everybody working on the product will be sworn to secrecy. The Research and development department will also work closely with the productions department as they are the department in which the Research and development department’s designs are brought to life. Going back to the Graphics software which produces a preview on the new product once all final changes have been made then the Productions department will have the design then the design will be created.

The R;E department will communicate with the other departments via board meetings and Emails as most of the work is Graphical so designs and ideas cannot be always explained fully just through speaking and the Productions department need pictures so as to create the product how they want it to be created. Board meetings will be a very easy way to keep the business aware of current progress on products. Usually at board meetings all areas involved in the project are represented so ideas can be spread across the business much quicker and also with board meetings it is usually the top businessmen in the business so as there will probably be a large number of them there are more opinions on the product so they can all feed back to each other.

Administration and ICT

ICT is used throughout businesses because it helps to reduce the costs and improve goods and services. For example the Administrators can produce, check and amend documents using word processor and then via email they can send out lots of emails at the click of a button. Also customer details and lists of current stock can be stored on Databases. Without the use of ICT email and ICT have increased the ways in which business can communicate with each other. ICT security systems will also be used to control content which is sent or received on a company email system. This used a lot in McDonalds such as at the counter when a order is placed the person at the till will press a button on the keypad for say “Big Mac” and then that order will go through the system to a screen in the Kitchens in which the order will be shown then the cooks will prepare that order.

ICT can also be used to back up against lost data so when developments are been made to the system a back of the current system is made before update is installed. This makes it easier to reinstall the old system if a bug is found in the new one this will means that customer details and employee details are not lost and if anything goes wrong important information isn’t lost. Or back up disks could be used which are usually located offsite so they cannot be misplaced and in the event of a system failure or emergency such as a fire or terrorist attack. However this form of back up does not protect individual computer users from losing their own data. These businesses so as to protect employee details so all networks cannot be accessed by fraudster or hackers. So as to keep this confidentiality all employees issues each person a log in ID. The user must then enter a password so as to log on to his or her account.

The ICT department will work with all departments as the as there is always going to be a need for ICT whether its repairs or general problems. They will speak with other departments over what programs they require so the design department will want Graphics programs so as to create designs for future products. They will also work with the finance department as they will need the IT department for data input which is keying in data from documents to be processed on computer. They will also work with the HR department over maintaining user identity codes and passwords.

The ICT department will use numerous ways to communicate mainly on the computer so emails will be mainly used with this area. They will also communicate outside the business so as most businesses are connected to the internet it is very easy to contact businesses via email. The Internet can be also used to find out relevant information from other organisations such as the new Health and Safety rules that must be applied so with most businesses connected to the internet this means information can be found much easier and at a much faster rate.

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