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As an ICT consultant, I have been contracted by Greenwich Construction Ltd, a general Builder operating from the out skirts of Greenwich for the past 50 years. The Greenwich Construction ltd is bidding for a number of Olympic Building Contracts. The Directors’ believe that they do not have technical computer infrastructure or the knowledge to set up one. This is where I must aid them in coming up with requirements, and a solution to meet those requirements. Introduction In this report, I will explore how Greenwich Construction Ltd will be able to overcome these business difficulties and how to search the internet.

In this fast-changing technological world, sometimes you are faced with some difficult choices. These choices that you make improve operational efficiency of the company. These choices could for example a choice of equipments. On today’s market are multi-functional devices capable of hosting a broad range of applications for both business and consumer use. Such uses are, access to the Internet for e-mail, instant messaging, text messaging and Web browsing, as well as work documents, contact lists and more, which can be provided by PDAs and the ever-growing category of smart phones.

These Mobile devices are often seen as an extension to our own computer. Work done on the road or away from the office can be synchronized with your PC to reflect changes and new information. I believe these functionality are what is required to compete against other competitors, in order to win the contract for the Olympics constructions The law of tender can create a minefield of problems if certain basic rules are not followed. Hence, a tendering process that goes wrong can be expensive All organisations undertake large projects that require them to invest precious resources.

Failing to manage the many risks involved in a project can result in late completion, over-spending and the failure of the project to deliver the promised benefits. A failed project can also damage an organisation’s reputation and ability to compete for business. As such it can be disastrous. Bidding for a contract for small businesses means many late hours of compiling information which is overly-complex, and could be handled when short-listing begins, rather than at the very earliest stage in the process.

Bidding is rightly a competitive risk but which for Small Medium Enterprises (SME) means a disproportionate burden in cost, time and strain Small organisations who decide to go after public sector contracts are often warned about the dangers involved. If you expand rapidly or win a large contract that you are not prepared for, could you over extend yourself? If you win one contract and do not go after more, could you become reliant on one source of income for your survival? There are no easy answers to these questions.

No organisation can ever avoid risk; the key is to ensure that you have the proper information to hand to understand the environment in which you are operating. This will enable you to anticipate, understand and then manage any dangers. For many organisations, winning and delivering the first contract can be the most problematic and expensive. But, once this has been overcome, the risks lessen with each new contract, as your systems become more refined and your overheads are reduced Requirements

The directors of Greenwich Constructions mentioned “neither they nor their staffs have the skills needed to implement and operate such devices”. When new IT systems are introduced to your business, staff will need to learn how to use them and will require technical support should things go wrong. This is particularly important if IT is being introduced to the business for the first time. If staffs are not given adequate training in new IT systems, there may be a number of drawbacks such as business operations being disrupted and this may have adverse effect on their success in bidding for the Olympics contract.

Efficiency and productivity falling and the business losing confidence in the new system. Appendix 1 shows the process of searching the internet search using flow chart format There are many potential benefits if staff are adequately trained and supported, for example business operations will not be interrupted by the introduction of new systems and staff will be more confident in their use of IT, leading to improvements in their productivity and also staff can make full use of new systems as soon as they are installed.

Having improved IT skills within the business will allow Greenwich Construction to introduce new technology as it becomes available. The more effort put into training and supporting the staff, the greater the rewards in the long run. Also, there must be a portable device where by employees and employers will be able to share information between them on the go. A wireless local area network (LAN) will be needed whereby data can be transmitted to a server, which communicates with the company’s mainframe.

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