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The current system currently consists of three personnel. However with the new system there will be three personal secretaries, four copy typist and five clerical staff. The new system will have to take into consideration that the new staff which will be taken onboard will require the facilities to do their job adequately. This means that considerable investment will have to take place. The current system places a lot of stress on all partners. All current members of staff have to complete their own paper work and organise their own files.

This leaves less time for them to actually look at their cases and provide the necessary advice which is required of them. The system which will be installed will consist of three computers for the personal secretaries, three computers for the partners, four computers for the typist and five computers for the clerical staff, there will be three printers, a server, a LAN network and all computers will require internet access. The budget given is i?? 50,000 and will be spent wisely. Each system will require an office suite which and each computer will require a licence.

New workstations will be required to accommodate for the new system and a possible re-design of the office may be required. These minor changes will help the office become a comfortable and healthy environment for all employees. This project is easily feasible because there are no parts of the project which cannot be achieved. This is because all of the technology is available and ready to be distributed. The technology which will be used will not be complicated and many of the staff may already have a computer at home so they will be used to using the technology.

However training will still be provided to ensure that each user has a full understanding of how to utilise the new system and use it to its full potential. The technology meets the user requirements and exceeds them in some cases. There is also clear upgrade possibilities which will help to keep the system up to date and current. The system will not be difficult to build because it is a small office network. This will inevitably have teething issues at the start but I am sure that the professionals who will be contracted to set up the network will be able to overcome these problems and have the network running efficiently.

At the moment the work place is not used to using a computerised system. Thee new system will give each employee a lot more freedom to choose which task they choose to complete and they will be able to prioritise there work. Because of these changes the partners may need to install some rules and regulation and they will also have to make sure that health and safety regulations are being followed by all members of staff. The design cycle consist of planning, design, implementation, testing, training and maintenance.

The planning process involves placing ideas on the table which are feasible and meet the user requirements. What the partners have asked for is a system which aids them in completing their office procedures and organisation of their clients. They also want a local area network which enables them to share information between each other. They will need internet access and adequate security to ensure the information is secure and safe. These are the user requirements and while planning what type of system to build all of these requirements were taken into consideration.

Because of these requirements there were certain features which were absolutely necessary. An office software package was obviously a mandatory feature which would be required by the users and an internet connection. Graphics cards and sound cards were not and they were not given priority when planning the system. The design of the system was important as well. The users needed to be able to access files which may be on another computer and the easiest way to achieve this task is to create a network of computers which share data.

In order to do this a server would need to be installed. This would require specialist advice and a specialist team would need to be contracted to set up the network. There are many things which need to be considered when setting up a local network. Security is one of the main considerations because of the type of data being handled. Because of this a wireless network has been ruled out because they can easily be accessed from outside the network. The design of the system will be a wired network and therefore will only be accessed from inside the network.

Internet and network security will be important to the firm and have had to be thoroughly thought about before being chosen. All of the user requirements have had an impact on the final design of the system and help to make the system complete. After the design phase the system will need to be implemented and tested. The implementation stage will involve setting up the individual workstations and the server, connecting each to the local area network, setting up the security and connecting the LAN to the internet.

This will be completed by professionals who will be contracted to complete this task. They will also test the system for efficiency. This will include sharing files, internet security and network security. They will also need a system analyser to check for consistency. The members of staff which will be using the network will also need to test the system for any bugs or errors which may occur while using the network everyday. After the network has been built and tested, the network will need to be maintained.

This will include backing up data which has be saved on the network, updating security, installation of new applications, changing any user features where necessary and general maintenance of the network. Each staff member including the partners will need to be trained on how to use the network. The training will include logging into the network, saving data and accessing data, printing documents, using the fax machine, using the scanner and general use of the network. The training will also include security and the rules of using the network.

Training is very important to the network being used correctly and it will also help the network run efficiently with minimal errors and corruption. There are numerous benefits which will come from the new system and not only will they benefit the partners but their clients will also benefit from these changes. Each partner will be able to operate more efficiently. These changes may also open external opportunities for the group as a whole. The time frame for the new system to be implemented and tested is approximately four to five months.

This is because of the different aspects which will need to be considered during the design, implementation, training and testing of the new system. During this period of time much of the network will be inaccessible and therefore temporary measures will need to be implemented such as working from home. During the testing and training staff will be able to come in and use their new workstation however what they will be able to do with the network will be limited. This is because the testing phase is a very sensitive stage. Until the testing and training is complete the system will only allow limited access to staff members.

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