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Abortion is when a pregnancy is terminated and is an ongoing topic of discussion all over the world. People have many different opinions and arguments towards abortion. Some say there are advantages and some disadvantages to abortion. Abortions happen for many reasons such as the fetus develops abnormally or even the mother having a health issue that would impede the birth, which are natural causes. On the other hand some abortions are done deliberately to prevent the birth.

This is done because the child is unwanted or even because of health issues. Although abortion is said to be done by people that are “anti-life”, there are many reasons behind it why they feel like they do not have a choice. Contraceptive failure occurs very often. This happens from breakage of condoms, inconsistently of using birth control, not taking the birth control pill at the same time everyday, taking drugs or herbs while on the birth control pill, and not having a fertile period or consistent.

While you may think that only teenagers and young women experience contraceptive failure, the fact is that the majority of unplanned pregnancies, about three-quarters of them, occur in women over the age of 20” (Cornforth 1). People of all ages try to stay safe while having sex but sometimes end up with an unwanted pregnancy that ultimately results in abortion. This all goes back to the fact that many people have abortions simply because the pregnancy was unplanned even while taking all the precautions to prevent this from happening.

In lieu of an abortion some people decide to have the baby and then give it up for adoption. Some do not want children but rather than killing than aborting one can place the baby with a family better equipped to raise a child. Some say everyone deserves the chance for life. Not everyone is able to support another life other than their own or even want to take on that responsibility so they have the choice to give it to another family. Some couples cannot have children so getting a child trough adoption is a blessing.

A fetus should have the same rights as any other human being (“Abortion”). If it gets to the point of a developed fetus the woman should not have the choice to kill it. Medical issues are also a factor of pro and anti-abortion. If a woman has health issues she would not want to pass it to a new baby or even cause herself harm. On the other hand abortion can be the cause of other issues such as not allowing the woman to get pregnant in the future or even major infections. It can cause harm to the uterus and even a mass amount of bleeding.

Having a surgical abortion done by a medical professional within the first twelve weeks is one of the safest operations (Gale 1). So if performed the right way the abortion can also be safe and effective. Abortion is the choice of the woman. Everyone has their own opinion on whether it is the right or the wrong thing to do. I believe it is in the hands of the woman and ultimately her decision as abortion is pro-choice and legal. The issue on abortion is still debated upon in the United States and still insisted on prohibiting it by politicians (“Abortion”).

There are so many things involved in making the decision to have an abortion. There are health, money, and medical issues. The sad truth is that legal abortions save lives along with killing lives depending on what you believe. The man who would be the father may want the child. How about in the case of a rape? I really think that a lot of thought and sole searching goes into a woman’s decision to have an adoption. So although abortions are taking away lives if it weren’t legal there may be more deaths and diseases from people performing “homemade” or illegal abortions around the world.

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