Abortion – why should it be legal

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Whether it is the first, second or fifth time it is never an easy decision to make. Whenever it was against the law or socially unacceptable to have an abortion. Women were driven to backstreet abortion where they put their lives at risk. This carried on in America until 1873 before abortion was legalised thousands of women died. People then fought for women to have a right of choice.

However there are still people in society today who wont accept abortion even when the case is rape. But those have failed to convince the public to agree with their views. Here are reasons why abortion was legalised:

1. Laws against abortion kill women.

Making abortion against the law will not stop women having them. If they feel it is necessary they will have one no matter what ever the outcome. Even putting there lives at risk and get it done by and un-qualified person.

2. Legal Abortion protects women’s health

Legal abortion protect women’s life but also protect there health. For the thousands of women who suffer from heart disease, kidney disease, severe hypertension, sickle-cell anaemia and severe diabetes, and other illnesses. The opposition of legal abortion helps these women with medical complications that could have resulted from childbirth. Before abortion was legalised such oppositions were limited.

3. A women is more then a foetus

There is the argument that a foetus is a person, which deserves rights equal to women’s. However our society beliefs it is up to the women to decide on what should happen to the foetus

4. Being the mother is only one option

It was a long and on going battle to give women political and economic right. But a rape or can end a woman’s economic and personal freedom.

5. Outlawing abortion is discriminatory

Anti- abortion laws are discriminating against women with low income, whose only open options are the dangerous backstreet abortion. Because that’s all they can afford. However the rich can travel any where in the world too get that safer options.

6. Compulsory pregnancy laws are incompatible with a free society

If there is a matter where a person is forced to keep a pregnancy that she doesn’t want by the government. But this violates the traditional belief of individual right and personal freedom.

7. Outlaw abortion and more children would bear children?

It is know that forty percent of 14-year-old girls will become pregnant before they turn 20. But the question people are asking should lack of education or carelessness should be forced on pregnancy on young teens.

8. “Every child a wanted child.”

If women are forced to keep unwanted pregnancies it will result in unwanted children. And those children will not get the right love, supports and care they need to live happy normal lives. These children often end up with a bad start in live, which can cause them to brutal to others. This not good for the families, its not good for the child and its also not good for society.

9. Choice is good for families

It does not matter how careful you are accident do happen, since there is no 100% safe contraception. For some people this not a problem, however for others it could case a lot in the family. For example it can cause financial problems, tension increase and ruin relationships.

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