Abortion. Is it ever justified?

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Eddie has considered many different alternatives when building his system; he has had many options, some are really good and reasonable and some are ridiculous and over-priced, some companies take no consideration of the customers needs ad are just happy to charge highly for an unnecessary system.

Some of the alternatives that Eddie has considered are the pen and paper method, which he has tried before and is not very practical, he considered bringing in a professional to build a system, which would be very expensive. He has also thought of trying to build a system himself, but he’s not to familiar with all of all of the computer systems, meaning he would know where to start and what to do, so that option was ruled out. Then there is my option that he has taken into consideration, which is a fast and efficient system at a great low price.

Some problems with each of the ideas are; with the pen and paper method which he has tried using before, its just not good enough for a business that is growing. Plus if someone breaks in and steals his business work then he is not going to be happy, he will have to start everything all over again which is just a nuisance, he will take ages to get all of the members signed up again and have to build up all of the copies of every single video that he has, he will have to hope that they bring their video back to him, but he wouldn’t know who to send a fine to because he has no records of it. Even if it is stolen, he could also just loose the work or misplace it somewhere, like an accident.

The problem with bringing in a professional to build him the system is that it is far too expensive. He will have the best system, at a price. Also when the system needs repairing he will have to call him back to repair it. Then after a while the cost of calling him back to help him out and installing new software and upgrades and fixing it, may cost more than the actual cost of the system when he first bought from them. The major problem with this option is that Eddie doesn’t have the money at present to be able to afford this.

So out of all the options that he has considered he has valued my option at the best value for money. Eddie has confidence that I know what I am doing. He will get a good system at a reasonable and affordable price.

This will be a very good upgrade for a growing business like Edgy Eddie, which he is planning to expand in the long run. I believe that I can build this system well, and to his needs and wants, which is very important to me. Customer satisfaction is most important, and others are more concerned with the profit that they make.

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