A war tour company

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This information, although quite obvious, has to be used because tours in all categories have to be able to provide the basics because one without the other means the tour will be remembered for the wrong reason. For example, a great guide and driver with a coach that has no air conditioning will suffer because people will be more concerned about being hot and bothered than listening to the guide or realising the quality of the driver. The reason above gives yet another example as to why the coaches should be bought.

If the coach company has not got a coach available to the correct standard they may try and send one without certain features but if the company has advertised these features already they will be liable to blame and the coach company would have caused problems for the company. The company name and logo have been designed to give a subtle but professional look to the company. As it is mainly a war tour company, Battle-Ax gives a kind of impression that there is some conflict and is good enough to appeal to youths as well as not be dramatic to put off the elderly.

It is quite catchy and has enough of an effect to be remembered so can be passed about through word of mouth. If the company is a success, and there is no reason why it should not be because there is very little local competition and the ideas are good ones, then the areas that are being visited and also the museums will benefit from the extra tourism. Perhaps hotels would offer cheaper rates if the company made an agreement to use their services for each tour.

This would further benefit the company and if the hotels being used were more favourable it would help to enhance the reputation of the company. However if there was a problem with the economy and a recession occurred the company would suffer. These tours, although worthwhile, are not a necessity and so people would not want to go on them. However it may be of a benefit in some cases because instead of expensive foreign holidays people may choose to go on tours instead.

This may be of a benefit, as people going abroad would like to stay abroad where it would be cheaper to stay. Perhaps lengthening the tours would have an increase in the amount of people that were interested as opposed to going away on expensive holidays. To cover operating costs and rental of the building the inheritance sum was a total of i?? 876, 000. This could be banked and the interest could be used to pay off the loan for buying the coaches. It could also be used to maintain regular payments to hotels abroad. The leaflet

The leaflet in itself is well laid out and contains the vital information needed to promote the tour. It gives information about the tour, the main aspects of the tour and stresses important features of the company in stating that the guides and drivers are fully qualified and the coaches up to a luxury standard. The cost of the tour is presented and booking for the tour is easy to do through the booking form that is aimed primarily at family bookings. Group bookings would be easier done by telephone to make it more convenient.

It has a professional layout, quite eye catching and would have a chance of being recognised. The company name and logo is advertised well without being plastered all over the leaflet and taking up space. The double sided A4 leaflet layout was preferred to the traditional book-style leaflet because the front page is well presented, colourful and informative and a lot of information can be given in paragraphs rather than leaving it up to numerous bullet point style sentences over the leaflet.

This is less informative and when dealing with a tour company as much information as possible has to be given to the customer as to make sure they know exactly what they are getting for their money. The leaflet should be distributed in specialist places-museums in the country or perhaps specialised organisations such as the Regimental Associations. They should also be distributed to tour operators dealing in European tours and made available for the local councils to give to schools, old peoples’ homes and elderly peoples’ estates.

When compared with other methods of advertising it is the best because it gives the choice of location. Television advertisements, posters, billboards etc are far too expensive and/or do not appeal to the age range and categories that would be interested in such a tour. The leaflet has to be available to those that are interested in such things. Therefore it has to be able to be mass produced and distributed easily. A leaflet is the ideal choice to satisfy these criteria.

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