A True Homicide Detective

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Life as a homicide detective can be tough being a detective is not saying you did it; it’s about your life being on the line every single day. It’s about putting away those bad people who have harmed the innocent. A detective is investigator, either a member of a police agency or a private investigator. I plan to be a homicide detective on day. In order to become a homicide detective I must attain a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. There are state exams required in order to become a homicide detective.

You will need to take a lot of higher level classes in criminal justice; such forensics, psychology and other courses that will help you become a successful homicide detective. The typical starting salary for homicide detective varies. Salaries range from median annual salary: $50,020-$90,750 depending on what level you’re starting at and what state has the most crime. A homicide detective can expect 60-100 hours per week. Their cases and clients dictate their work hours from early morning questioning to late night undercover work.

The positives of this career can be income if you live in a city with a high homicide rate, this will result in serious overtime. Also you get the honor and the prestige to say you work “Homicide. ” You are the creme of the crop of your department’s investigators; it is generally believe to be that only the best go to homicide. You also have the fulfillment of knowing that you’re solving cases ensuring that justice is solved, and putting at eased the pain of the victim’s families.

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