A team of computer personnel contract

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As a member of a team of computer personnel’s contracted by Lewin Sports Shoes to develop a new automated system for them. My first task I have been asked to do is to conduct a research into initial stages of the new system. System analysis also fits into SSADM, which is short for Structured Systems Analysis and Design Method; a set of standards developed in the early 1980s for systems analysis and application design widely used for government computing projects in the United Kingdom.

SSADM uses a combination of text and diagrams throughout the whole life cycle of a system design, from the initial design idea to the actual physical design of the application. The electronic system is clearly going to faster and reliable with an ever-increasing volume of documents; participants in the business process are looking for better, faster, and more efficient methods to get their work done. In order to keep up with greater document volumes, people are turning to digital document automation.

Many recent efforts are looking to electronic recording to save time and increase both accuracy and efficiency. Electronic recording seeks to bridge the automation gap, providing a way to prepare and record documents without physically handling the paper Lewin Sports Shoes Ltd will prefer dealing with their work electronic recording because it is suitable for handling with large quantity of different shoes stock. Manual recording will take up often amount of time dealing with paperwork this will not be suitable for Lewin Sports Shoes Ltd.

Systems analysis is part of a continuous cycle consisting of six processes called the systems development lifecycle. The procedure of systems analysis is used when designing a new system or evaluating an existing system. The result of the systems development lifecycle is valuable information about what will be needed in a new system and how it will work or in the case of an existing system, what its shortcomings are and how it could be improved.

If Lewin Sports Shoes did have an existing system then a feasibility study is an essential stage of the development of any project and particularly a sports project like Lewin Sports Ltd. It is primarily used as a tool to help the design team to make up its mind about the real need and aspirations of the client and what is feasible within the constraints of site, management, time and budget. The output of a feasibility study should be a strategic brief, possibly with a relevant outline plan that can be developed into a full building project.

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