A portable disco company

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he answers will be put in to the blank spaces to the right of the questions.

By looking at the results that I will collect in I am hoping to find an age group that has a large amount of demand of discos and will also be willing to pay a reasonable rate for the disco, I fear that the younger people that I ask will not be willing to pay any more than �150.

I distributed the question air to people of different age groups so that I will get information on all age groups.

I did this by asking family and friends to fill in a questionnaire and then send back to me they have all also agreed to fill in another questionnaire if I need to do some further research.

To stat up the portable disco I need a lot of expensive equipment that I can either buy brand new from a shop or I could buy second hand equipment of off other portable discos Below in the table is a list of what I need and how much it will cost first hand and how much it will cost second hand.

I will also need to supply money for me to get some training from another portable disco company or from a dj school.

I will also need to raise a large amount of money this will be mainly done trough a loan that I will need to obtain from a bank it will not all be paid for by the bank loan as I have a large amount of money saved away to help me to start up the portable disco company.

To get enough business to make a profit I will need to advertise form research I have seen that the main portable disco companies advertise in either local papers or/and in yellow pages.

As I am a new business I do not already have a reputation or any customers that will be returning to the use of my services. This means that I will need to advertise in both local papers and in the yellow pages I will also give out flyers at the end of discos with a contact number and our web sight address.

The web sight will hold pictures of previous discos when I am in business I will also tell people about what service we will offer.

The name of the business is important as it must be original and it must also be easy to remember and to must be catchy, some discos have names that would cause you to stereotype them in to a certain group of disco

For example “golden oldies” gives the impression that the company is only for old people who listen to 70’s music. Or another disc is called “c.r.road show” this name give me the impression that the business is only for younger people who are in to urban music. With the name of the company that I am going to start I do not want it to hold a stereo type as the two above have I had a couple of ideas and they are listed below

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