A Modern Day Sir Thomas More

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After reading Utopia, I realized problems in today’s society itself. Hythloday compared and contrasted concepts of government between Utopia and European countries all throughout the book. The perfect Utopian society included all, but not limited to: rational thought, communal property, no love of gold, no class distinction, little to no crime, no poverty, religious tolerance, and little inclination to war. Many of these concepts are completely different from America’s society today. Obviously, much has changed from medieval times — but has it in philosophy?

(More enters the room eagerly.) “Well, boys … I’ve had enough of the egotistical ways of America’s society. It’s corrupt, crazy, and downright chaotic. But … I, like any other man, feel very strongly about my opinions. I’ve chosen a few to share with you, and I’d think you’d like to hear them. Maybe you’ll learn something new, too. Anyways, without further adieu, I will give you my ideas for a perfect, utopian society.” (Hythloday and Giles nod in complete agreement.)

“Carry on, More,” they exclaimed.

(More continues, feeling sure of himself.) “First of all, but no more important than the other topics, I simply do not trust the United States government. They are monitoring phone calls and other personal transactions. I believe the Watergate Scandal with Nixon started all of this. Ever since then, the government has been choosy with what they share with us. We as Americans have the right to know! Whatever happened to freedom of speech? So much for the first amendment.

“Precisely,” the men agreed.

(A gust of calm wind blows in with the midsummer’s day sunrays. A silhouette casts upons More’s face.) “Secondly, racism and profiling by major corporate offices and ourselves create much tension between each other. Not only should every man — and woman — be considered equal, but there shouldn’t be any hate amongst one another. Crude businessmen and politicians class us based upon their beliefs. You are entitled to your beliefs, don’t get me wrong, but this is unjust. We had a war so that all men would be considered equal. Notice women weren’t included in that… That’s misogyny. Hate and discrimination will not make us a thriving country, but rather yet the opposite.”

“Yes, More! Continue,” shouted Hythloday.

(Although Giles’ silence concerned him, he pressed on. The fire crackled, and everything was alright in the cabin.) “Lastly, education is experiencing severe budget cuts. Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” And he was right. To be successful, you must be educated. College isn’t a choice anymore; jobs are seeking the most experienced and skilled students. To become tomorrow’s innovators, we need education and all the programs it has to offer. Fine arts are usually the first to go, but it is proven that they improve SAT scores. So tell me, how does that make sense? It doesn’t, and that’s that. We cannot take away from our education; it is what makes us or breaks us.”

The men were in awe.

“Gentlemen, I thank you for listening. I hope that I have given you information that will make a difference. These are things I feel strongly about, and I hope that you understand. Please try to understand my reasoning for all of this. We are America; we can make a change, and we will.”

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