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The colours that have been used are mainly white and green to keep the natural atmosphere. The symbolic significance of the colour green is that green is associated with nature and the outdoors by many people. This is another factor that adds to the natural feel of the page. The background is completely white, so that the eye’s focus is on the product itself. I think that the white, plain background is to symbolise the purity of the products.

There is a small piece of dialogue to the right-hand side of the advert that gives you an insight into the products and examples of how they can help you. They have applied scientific terminology in their advert to impress the audience and persuade them into buying the products. They have said that “Botanics uses modern science” persuade the audience that their products are very good. In addition they also give promises of pleasure by saying

things such as “to soothe skin and reduce puffiness”. This would appeal to many women who want to take care of themselves and to pamper themselves and the wording makes it sound very delicate. They have also used a type of personification when they say ” nature’s taking care of your skin.” They have almost given nature human qualities by saying that nature will look after you and your skin, like a beautician. The dialogue would also appeal to peoples consciences by giving the impression that Botanics products can give you a better lifestyle.

The advert appeared in a magazine that is specifically for women and it was in the middle of the magazine. It appears near a beauty advice page that was written by the editor, Normandie Keith. The placing of this advert has been thought about very carefully as it would be bad planning if it was put in a magazine that had men as its target audience.

I think that the advert is successful in its aims as it immediately caught my attention and made me want to read more. The use of the tree as the brush was very clever and the whole advert had been very carefully planned. I also thought that the dialogue was very persuasive as it makes you think about actually buying it by saying things like it will protect you to give you a sense of security. I think that Boots should use more colour to attract even more peoples attention. An analysis of a magazine advert for Chanel N.o5 perfume. This advert was found in Health ; Beauty magazine, the Winter Edition.

I have analysed an advertisement for the well-known perfume Chanel N.o5. The initial thought of the advertisement is that it is very striking and the first thing that you notice on the advert is the number ‘5’ printed in the background. There is also a large quantity of gold on the advertisement which makes it look rich and luxurious. There is a model positioned in the centre of the advertisement and she is wrapped in a gold, translucent dress. At the top of the page is a bottle of the perfume and it is spilling out its contents. The Chanel logo has been placed in the bottom left-hand corner of the page in bold white typography.

There is not any text in the advert, apart from the Chanel logo, so that you focus on the product itself more than the meaning of the advertisement. Overall the appearance of the advertisement is simple, but eye-catching and the use of the gold makes the advertisement seem like a luxury. The target audience for this advert is women who like to buy luxury products and pamper themselves. Chanel’s overall target audience is upper class and more mature women. Chanel has always had a luxurious image.

A model has been used in this advert and she is a very slim, attractive young women who seems to be in her late-teens, early twenties. She has very tanned skin and golden blond hair, which is an image that many women would like to possess. They have used an attractive model as this appeals to many peoples consciences as people believe that if they buy the perfume they will become like the model. This is a physcological method of getting people to buy their products. The body language of the model is very sophisticated and she looks very confident. She is very focused and this draws the audience into the advert as they feel like she is making eye-contact with them.

The lighting that is used is gold lighting and this enhances the models body language and figure. The gold lighting also helps to create a luxury atmosphere. The colour gold is quite often associated with luxury and Chanel is thought of as a luxury product. Other than the colour gold being used, jet black is used in the background and the black and the gold work well together. The space in the advertisement as they is not much empty space.

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