A Drink of Water

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In this essay I will be writing about what the writer shows about the people who in Las Lomas in ‘A Drink of Water’. I will be writing about what the writer shows about Sunny who is the son of Manko, and I will also show what the writer has written about Manko too. And so I will be also writing about the one who was selling the water to the poor villagers and also he is the selfish one, Rampersad. There shall also be included about Rannie the person is angry about the selfish attitude of Rampersad, for why he is keeping the lustful well full of water to keep and sell to the poor villagers. And there will especially be a region in this essay where it will explain the villager’s point of view towards the water.

The life the people have in Las Lomas is very harsh and as I have read the writer has shown that it takes Weeks, or maybe Months for the village to receive rain. And when Manko was explaining about how he will give his son education, and how much hard work he was doing it shows that not all the villagers were educated and so they wouldn’t have much different lives. Even so when Rampersad had kept the water for himself the writer shows that he wasn’t just being selfish but he was also needy, and this mainly right shows that almost all the people in Las Lomas had horrible lives with drought and many of them were barely rich and that the only thing depend on was rain, so that they could go on the next day, or ‘To Survive’.

The information the writer shows about what the villagers is that he is trying to show us a life where there is no technology. The villagers are all mainly poor and so they are not so fond of living the ‘good life’. When Rampersad had taken the water people had basically use all their life savings which took them all their life’s hard workings. And then as I have read in the story when Rampersad said, “Who is the thief? You catch him?” this is where the crowd of villagers had jeered and booed Rampersad. And at that point the writer was showing that all the villagers had hated Rampersad for keeping the water for himself and becoming rich from their poor life savings. Also they were very happy that someone had killed Rampersad’s dog and had taken his water as they wanted revenge from him.

The thing the writer has shown about Manko is a cautious man and knows wrong from right, and that he wanted to make Sunny his son to be educated and sent to college, and so Manko has been working really hard so that he could accomplish this goal. You could tell that he was working so hard by when it said, “Grown brown and burnt from years of working on land”, so this explains that since he had worked so hard his skin had been burnt by the obliterating heat from the Sun. Then when it said, “Sunny, who had not been to school for weeks” this meant that the money Manko had kept for Sunny’s education was finished because he had used that money to buy Rampersad’s water to survive. Then when Rannie was ill he had no choice but to go and steal Rampersad’s water because this shows that he would break rules if it could mean that it could actually save a person’s life.

The thing the writer has shown about Sunny and Rannie is that sunny is a person who care a lot about the well-being of his family and Rannie is always angry at the selfish people who don’t care if someone dies, and all they could care about is getting rich. Sunny is a good boy, who is wanting to be educated, and his willing to study to his extent, but when it comes to family he will do anything just like his father, Manko. When His mother was sick he went to steal Rampersad’s water to cure her. Rannie is a wife who worries about the whole village as she doesn’t really like Rampersad’s idea of keeping the water all to himself and so make money from selling it. As I can tell she is a very caring wife and doesn’t want her family to notice as she did hide the fact that as drank the infected river water without boiling it, to purify it.

The facts the writer shows about Rampersad is that he worked hard to release water from the Earth and so when he finally got it he wanted to let everyone feel his success. But then when his wife spoke to him on how he was a fool to give the water for free. The writer shows that Rampersad was wanting a profit and so listened to his wife and then sold the water for a fixed price. What I think is that he shouldn’t have been greedy and sold his water at an advantage where there was drought. He shouldn’t have sold it when many people could not afford it and so they had to starve to death or get river water, and forget to boil it and end up getting sick.

What the writer has shown about write and wrong is crystal-clear as he wants us to see that you can bend rules, or even break them, if it is necessary to save a life. This is because he is showing us that it can take a bad deed to do a good deed. As it had happened with both Manko and Sunny, when they were out to steal water because it would prevent Rannie from dying, and this shows that it ended up saving her life.

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