A Day in My Life

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I close my eyes and try to visualize a place, but where? There a so many possibilities. I can imagine my work place and see and feel the commotion of living in a fire station, or I could imagine my home in Mayaguez. Where should I go? I think and my mind seems to wander, I hear my kids and I try to refocus. Wait, suddenly my mind goes back the house I grew up, closing my eyes I am there, all my senses seem to have come alive. Leaving my eyes closed I take it all in. The house is not grand but it’s not small either, it’s just perfect location for raising three boys.

Its location is a merge between being in the country and being in forest. Sum it in a word, the tropics. The house, my house is painted yellow. A cross between the sun’s brightness and the seriousness of the mustard yellow, this color makes it stand out among all the green around it. It has many hills around it left, these hills seem to embrace my home. I look to the left, all I glimpse is green. Grasses that range in size and in depth of color, each uniquely similar. It emanates an energy that dives into your soul while bringing warmth.

This that I see is my home, full of life. Scarce through the foliage of green you glimpse scattered houses. Giving a glimpse to any observer that civilization is here to stay and expand. I wonder, how will this evolve through the times to come? My eyes follow the curves of the many hills until it seems that the Earth just wants to fly and soar in the heavens. My eyes steer towards the center of my view. Slowly the hills start to recede to the left and to the back as if they were trying to hide. With a gentle push, you notice more houses.

It seems that what was once green now is white with civilization. In this center of my land civilization has won. The green seems to implore for more space but finds little spaces to breath within all the houses, roads, and city buildings. Even though it’s not enough she still perseveres in silence waiting. From up above you see what seems to be a tiny Lego city, the grand university that exalts our pride. Pride in our town, pride in my family. The “Universidad de Mayaguez” stands out like goddess temple, all reverend, all wise.

A true landmark of our town. At the very edge of my sight I see a road, but my mind sees the rest, but my ears hear it all. Behind the University lies our zoo named after a prominent professor in our university “Zoologico de Puerto Rico Dr. Juan A. Rivero”. Stories have been passed on through parents, neighbors and even the news of times when animals had crossed over the fence. Sometimes you could hear the roar of the lions. Some days it seemed like a whisper and other days it was more like a wicked dream wanting to come to life.

I can only see the road that leads to the zoo, but in my mind the foliage disappears and I the grand entrance that leads to this worlds of wonders appears. As I look towards the right I am immediately reminded of where I stand. Underneath the most magnificent mango tree. A mango falling has awaken my daydreaming it wrongfully has attempted to land on my head but missed by inches. Suddenly the smell seems to intoxicate me. I smell the fibers and sweetness of my mango tree. This is the perfect smell for the perfect sight, like I said it’s all blue.

Behind the right side of my home, lies a tiny side of my island. Blue wins over green and white. Houses and roads, trees and grass are suddenly spread thin upon reaching the shore as if to say this is the end. It’s like the perfect outline, deep dark blue see trying and reaching the light blue sky. It is at this location where ocean and sky seem to want to become one. It is all blue. I take a step back and look again. I see my home filled with memories. Its color seems to irradiate love. Outlining my home is the most beautiful scenery which I doubt any artist could do just.

Green, green, energetic green seems to rise into inspiring lines that go up and down with such a delicacy like the ocean waves. These green waves move less and less until they are no more. A giant of white cement, and gray asphalt creeps its way in suffocating the green. When it seems the battle has been lost, a glint of green appears just in time to greet the blue. As if to say lead the way to the heavens. In conclusion I have told you a little about my life. How people in it have help develop me and shape me the way I am today.

How experiences and decisions taught me important lessons that till this date I follow. What goals I have and what my plans are to reach them. In a nut shell, I have spoken to you about my life and not so many people have had the privilege to hear about it. And I have also applied some parts of my life to our text, Adult Development and Life Assessment. I hope that some of what you have read today has been of some help to you. Thanks for reading and remember that everything and anything that we set our sights to do, it can be accomplish as long as you always make God part of it. Have a great day.

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