A critic view on external environment and role of a manager

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Some of areas that are controlled by manager are customer relation management, stakeholders, public and government authorities. There is requirement of dialectic control and a skill of negotiation which in turn is another technique of knowledge management. Manager with all the perfect knowledge of systems theory can to the best ability, is perfect to handle external environment to a large extent. However, there would be occurrence of few situations, which might go beyond the control of manager. In such a situation, a good manager would always keep a track of expertise knowledge and use such information to handle crisis in an organization.

The model of knowledge management wherein decision-making which means ‘doing the right things’ and increased efficiency which means ‘doing things right’ must be well understood by a manager and prioritize situations in order to handle. The present day external environment demands that a manager must be fully equipped with optimum knowledge of information systems. Otherwise, a manager would be confronted with hurdles and hassles for lack of knowledge. Although psychology of human cannot be ignored in knowledge management, it is only a part of business.

As it is said “they glorify information technology and ignore human psychology” (Davenport, 1994, p. 119) Managers continuously work in a changing environment which necessitates excessive preparation to keep pace with advanced information technologies that are used in storing and retrieving the information in an external environment of an organization. Conclusion Control is the main function of a manager whether it is applicable in internal environment or external environment. Unpredictable and uncertain environment is not encouraged in an organization as the preference is given to systems theory and knowledge management.

In such scenario, a complex situation is handled with distribution of authority and knowledge. The sharing of information and knowledge that is reasonable can be made available among staff to bring a harmonious relation within an organization. Communication plays an important role for a manager to discharge duties and responsibilities in an efficient manner as appropriate communication methods and techniques would communicate and motivate staff to a right attitude and right approach to executive jobs in an appropriate level and to realize the objectives of a company.

Several times, lack of communication with staff result in ambiguity and duplication of work. A messaging system must be made available from manager to entire staff to keep a track of systems functioning and the flow of information from order level to functioning and executing level which would be transparent at every end. Short messages, emails and review committees, meetings would further benefit manager to understand the working areas of staff and further offers scope for development of new ideas and strategies for the growth of organization.

A complete compliance, commitment and dedication is required from a manager to perform well in an environment. Due to the laborious working and implementing processes, a manager is bound to commit mistakes and errors that are unintended and inevitable. Here it can be stated, that mistakes can occur as “to err is human” and mistakes cannot be repetitive as each mistake may prove expensive to an organization making a lot of difference.

In such instances, a manager must take a lenient view of oneself and exert an organizational attitude to save job as well as the reputation of an organization. Application and use of common sense in practical situations is some times above systems theory and knowledge management. A flexible attitude for manager holds good in all aspects of behavior in endurance and in functioning areas. “To grasp, the meaning of a thing, an event, or a situation is to see it in its relations to other things” (Deway, 1933,p. 137).

“Successful knowledge transfer involves neither computers nor documents but rather interactions between people” (Davenport, 1995) The ability of a good manager is proved when synergies of staff are used to the best for achieving objectives of an organization whether it is through the medium of systems theory or knowledge management whereas the ultimate goal of a manager should be stay motivated and make the working environment more dynamic, harmonious, congenial and competitive in order to stay in job using honest and ethical principles.

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