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A counselor job or purpose is to identify the strength and weakness that is in a case. Every case is different; some have great damages with huge liability problems, while others are in a reverse condition. In addition, a counselor can also provide an insight on other similar cases. It never hurts to have all the information needed to make the best choice. All in all, it is important to know how to evaluate a case the right way and what the ups and downs are in the past, present, and future. It is a wise choice to have a counselor’s advice before making a decision on any case.

Before making the decision, the victim needs to know the benefits in taking a settlement, purse litigation, and when a counselor should be involved. A counsel should be able to help a victim determine how to proceed based on their knowledge of law, whether it is a settlement offer or litigation, given the known facts of the situation. If a victim is suffering financially, then they may need a quicker payout in a settlement. If a victim prefers that the situation remain private for them, then they would want to settle out of court and know that their part in the case is final.

Negotiation is within their hands to try to get the best settlement instead of years of litigation with premium attorney fees, public disclosure, and unknown results. The benefits that counsel should provide in helping a victim to pursue litigation or not is to make the client fully aware of the chances of successful litigation. Counsel’s opinion should be based on case history as well as the experience of the counsel with similar cases. The client should be fully educated by counsel of the chances of litigation being either successful or unsuccessful based on the facts of the claim.

Counsel should be available in the entire process of a victim. If a decision needs to be made in order to achieve a settlement, the victim should seek counsel to find out what the best decision would be. A settlement offer can always seek the best interest of the other person, leaving just one option to the victim. In the case of taking the case to litigation it will require more money, time and resources for the victim. There is always the risk of losing it all in court rather than accepting a settlement that benefits both parties. In order to make the best decision counsel should be available from the beginning of the process.

All in all, a counselor is there to make sure that the victim makes the best choice that will meet all his needs or the most important ones. A counselor is like a parent to the victim. They provide information, advice when needed, and protect the victim. In addition, they are there to make sure that the victim knows the consequence involving every decision that is made. Last but not the least; having a counselor is wise choice if the victim wants to be sure he or she is making the best choice or decision when it comes to a case or settlement.

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