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The majority of the transactions Tyne Construction Ltd will carry out will either be Business-to-Business or Business to Consumer. Where business-to-business is concerned Tyne Construction Ltd will purchase goods, services, products from other construction companies to be used by Tyne Construction Ltd on site. Where business to consumer is, Tyne Construction Ltd will offer goods, services, products to potential customers. The Benefits of E-commerce Internet Benefits The Internet can benefit a whole deal from the e-commerce.

It allows increased connectivity and global reach allowing areas on the remotest place to be reached and all different kinds of people. At reduces the cost of communication, as there is no handling fee, material cost or delivery service. Transaction costs are lowered as it cuts out the middleman and admin costs. Knowledge can be distributed at great speed; information can be retrieved with literally a click of the mouse button. As there is no need for middlemen the agency fees are reduced.

Due to the various forms of communication available interactivity and flexibility is unlimited. Business Benefits Businesses and organisations have benefited in various ways with the use of e-commerce. Because it is so easy to adopt and is unlimited in what it can do, businesses have accelerated and grown. E-commerce enables an improved level of customer service and so a relationship can be built, customer feed back can be instantaneous and so problems, if any, can be dealt with as soon as possible, delivery costs are reduced and advertising costs are reduced.

There is no material or labour needed to go out and advertise on billboards as it is all done on the Internet. There is also a reduction in designing and manufacturing costs as any work or work alterations can be done on the computer and checked by other professionals via the Internet. Many different types of markets can be easily accessed with no restrictions. The Benefits to a Construction Company Construction projects can be very expensive and so any opportunity to save money or time should be taken. This can be achieved by the use of e-commerce.

As there are many parties involved in a project such as the; client, contractor, architect, quantity surveyor, service engineer, sub-contractors, material suppliers, local council, etc, the communication between them via telephone or appointment or letters can be time consuming. But with the use of e-commerce any exchange of communication can be done by the various methods mentioned previously such as email or file transfers. It is cheap and quick as there is does not involve numerous paper copies of documents and data and the management of files is easier.

Categorisations E-commerce can be split into many categorisations. The two, which will have an effect on Tyne Construction Ltd, are ‘Product and Supplier’ and ‘Project Hosting’ Product and Supplier In relation to e-commerce it refers to sites on the Internet giving information on products, in this case construction products, together with a list of suppliers of such products. Basically it is a catalogue with products and a list of where the product can be purchased. Examples of product and supplier sites are http://www.engnetglobal.com

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