A Communication process is constituted by the elements

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A Communication process is constituted by the elements of communication, which are the Sender, the message sent, the language used to send it, the system, the language used to receive it, the receiver and, finally, the message received. The combination of these elements is called the communication process. The success of it will often depend on how well attuned you are to needs of the receiver. If you want to command attention, you must think on how your message will come across your target audience.

The barriers to a good communication process can bi listed as the following: Lack of organization, different motivations, different perceptions, empathy problems (criticising, diagnosing, ordering, threatening and logical argument). Also, defective encoding, defective medium, inappropriate environment and defective decoding. To reduce these barriers it’s important to always plan your message, avoid making unfounded assumptions, make intelligent use of the code, medium and environment, use empathy, seek and give feedback, listen actively and finally, check the understanding of the message.

To be a good listener, it’s important to put down your “guard” and to put yourself through the other’s eyes. If you can’t imagine yourself in the opposite situation, it’s really hard to fully understand the situation and the whole dimension of the problem. It’s also important to pay attention and to use body language to show respect and interest for what’s being said.  When doing business with a different culture, it’s important and wise to be very classical and conservative in the manners. What’s considered normal for one culture can be highly offensive in others.

It’s important and recommended to research the other culture prior to the meeting in a way that it’s possible to avoid uncomfortable and unpleasant surprises at the time of the negotiations, what could end the business depending on the case.A Business Letter is often used to communicate outside the company. The language used has to appropriate to send the correct message to the other business. A Business Report is used internally, so it can content very specific messages to the receivers, with internal jargons and its own language.

A good logo is important because it can bring a connection of the business with other things. If you’re a company sponsoring an event, you can only put your logo to be seen. Depending on how famous it already is, the public will be able to connect that icon with the business without the need of a name, for example. The brand will have this connection power as it matures with its products. The logo has also to be very attractive to the public and usually the successful ones keep it really simple.

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