A business solution for the attention of the management of Bookworld

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The task put to us by yourselves at Bookworld was to find the most suitable information system for your company to invest in. In this report you will read how Bis Correspondence found that a loyalty scheme would be the best system for Bookworld to implement. As you read on you will see how we have analysed your company, found a solution and then justified it. Our main objective for this task is to find the best possible solution to Bookworld’s business needs.

Your company has stated to us what your current systems entail and that your goal is to stay ahead of your competitors in the market. In this report we will show you our findings and discuss our solution with you so that your understanding of the system is as good the professionals. We will also include some problems that you might incur and the solutions to those problems if they were to arise. After our Board meeting with Bookworld our company was able to outline what Bookworld’s strengths and weaknesses were.

Having made careful analysis of the information provided about your customer base, stores, existing systems and so on we were able to carry out extensive research with the aim of providing a system that would keep Bookworld firmly at the top of the tree. In our investigation into your company we established that you have several systems already in place. Therefore we knew that in these areas your company is already leading the field, but you want to lead the field in yet another area to make sure that you stay ahead of your main competitors in the market.

Therefore we needed more general information about the set up of your company and the everyday working of your business. Having obtained this information we established that Bookworld’s large existing customer base was the area to be targeted and our company came up with the following solution:To get this system up and running we need a way of collecting data on every purchase and transaction your customers make.

As we have both online services as well as in store sales we must have ways of collecting data from both of these sources. This will be done via a loyalty card with magnetic strip; this is swiped every time any transaction is made and the information stored. With those that use the Internet we offer a unique username and password to each customer and data is recorded this way. When each customer requests a loyalty card or unique username we will need to take some basic details off them to initiate their personal profile.

Questions such as name, times shopped with Bookworld, favourite writer/director/actor, how long this customer has been shopping with Bookworld etc may be asked. To store the data we need to have a wide area network (WAN) which links all stores with the central office if one is not already in place, this will also require a central database store at central office. This is where the profile of each customer is built up over time.

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