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The purpose of this report is to find out the objectives of two different organisations and compare the differences and the similarities. The two organisations I am going to compare are the charity NSPCC and the car manufacturer Ford. I will discuss the main objectives of the organisations such as its sales, purchasing, finance and its operations.

The NSPCC is a charity specialising in child protection and the prevention of cruelty to children. Its main objectives are to raise and collect money in order to fund the charity and help children in need. Another objective is to raise awareness about cruelty to children and give advice. It also need to research into the effects of cruelty to children and the causes of it. Many organisations have main functions. One of the main functions for NSPCC involves sales.

The charity collects all kinds of donated goods from people and then sells them. The profit they make from it goes in to providing better care for children and into its 24-hour help line. The charity is also involved in purchasing goods or services. For example, it may purchase a building in order to build a foster home or even build a sports facility centre for children who have been deprived of these facilities. The charity is also involved in finance; it needs donations in order to operate and it needs to make a profit form selling goods so that the money can be used to fun projects etc. Its operation includes, collecting donations and helping to run projects.

Ford is a motor company, which manufactures different types of vehicles. Its main objectives are to manufacture cars and sell them. It may also offer its customers some shares of the company and insurance policies. Like NSPCC it also has main functions. A sale is one of the functions as the organisation sells vehicles and sometimes-even accessories of the car. The second function of the organisation is purchasing. The organisation may purchase car parts and accessories of the car. Ford is also involved in finance, as it deals with the profit it makes from the customers buying the vehicles. It also might deal with finance by providing insurance policies. Another way it is involved in finance is by selling vehicles to foreign countries. Fords operation is to manufacture cars and sell them in order to make a profit.

After analysing both organisations, I have found out there are some similarities/differences between the companies. The similarities are that both companies want to make a profit, even though the NSPCC is a charity it still needs to make a profit so that it can fund its projects and help lines. Another similarity is that they both sell and purchase goods or services such as cars or donations. They both try to finance their organisation and they both try to operate it. The difference between the two companies is that they are two very different organisations. NSPCC is a charity while Ford is a motor company. They also have different objectives the NSPCC aims to make a profit through donations while Ford tries to make a profit by selling its vehicles. Even though they have different objectives they are still similar as they perform the main functions of the business. Which is to Sell, Purchase, Finance and operate an organisation.

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