5 Reasons to Train in Aikido

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Everyone who has trained in aikido knows that it’s a beautiful, life-changing form of martial arts, but this doesn’t necessarily make it an easier sell for anyone who has no experience with it. To an outside observer, it may seem like just another form of martial arts, but the real beauty of aikido is in its philosophy, which over time begins to permeate the trainee’s being and awaken him or her to a fuller and more energetic life. However, to get more specific, there are many good reasons to train in aikido, including:

1. It fights boredom: There is a slight learning curve for newcomers to aikido, but once you get more familiar with it, you’ll find it’s quite addictive. Whenever you have free time, you’ll want to use that time to hone your aikido skills in any way you can. And the further you progress in your training, the more enjoyable it will become.

2. Alternative to yoga: Aikido has been likened to yoga, and there are some training styles that consciously bring out this connection. This makes aikido a great alternative for anyone who finds yoga to be a little slow and not active enough. Aikido helps you get moving quite a bit more.

3. Physical effects: After training in aikido for some months, you’ll begin to notice astounding physical effects. Your movements will be more graceful than ever before. You won’t have those irritating morning pains in the back or the muscles. You’ll have an incredible sense of balance that will carry into other aspects of your life.

4. Mental effects: Aikido will also improve your brain. It will give you a sense of clarity in your moment-to-moment interactions with the world, and it will give you balanced and healthy sense of self. You’ll begin to feel a much stronger connection with others, you’ll have empathy for all of your fellow human beings, and you’ll just be mentally sharper all around. Aikido gives you a sustainable, drug-free mental boost.

5. Philosophical benefits: As you get more and more advanced in your training, you’ll find that what you learn through aikido makes you better equipped to handle the difficult things about the world. Because aikido forces you to learn how to deal with hostile people in a positive way, you’ll develop a compassionate outlook on life, and you’ll become everyone’s go-to person for wise advice and peaceful conflict resolution.

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