2 different types of business

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Barnsley College is a place for people to learn, the college offers a range of programmes suitable for all students from school leavers to adult returners. The type of ownership Barnsley college has is a public ownership. Barnsley College has this type of ownership because it relates to all the institutions and organisations, which are owned and run by the state and also overseen by the government. There are many government departments that deal with different matters, the Department for Education and Employment oversees all education establishments.

Barnsley College deals with full time education for people over 16 years old and deals with further and some higher education. The department is also responsible for employment policies, learning and skills councils, employee rights, health and safety, pay and equal opportunities. There are some advantages and disadvantages of this type of ownership. Barnsley College funding is from the Learning and Skills Council, the council pay a certain amount for each student to be enrolled at College.

The Board of Governors makes the decisions of the college. Takeaway The Chinese takeaway serves a selection of Chinese and Cantonese dishes and also the normal English dishes. The type of ownership the takeaway has is a sole trader. The takeaway has this ownership because it is small and one person owns it although that person does employ other people to work in the business. There are some advantages and disadvantages of this ownership.

The owner of the takeaway used some of his own money to set up the business, some money came from bank loans, savings and also friends and family. He found it quite easy to set-up and also can make quick decisions. The owner keeps all the profit that is made, he has no one telling him what to do and sometimes offer personal service to regular customers. This type of ownership has minimum of paperwork to do. But the owner has also discovered some disadvantages of this ownership.

One of the main disadvantages is unlimited liability, this means that if the Business fails he is responsible for all the debts himself and can be made to sell his belongings to pay his creditors. He has to work long hours, he earns no money at all if the takeaway is closed maybe due to holiday or illness. He has very low management skills because he is only good at certain things mainly at cooking. He has to do the purchasing, ordering and all financial matters. Industrial Sectors Industrial sectors are the stages of production, Businesses can belong to more than one sector.

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