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If you were the CEO of a major corporation, how would you insure that you have created an ethical culture? How would this culture be communicated throughout the organization? If I was a CEO of a major corporation, I would do several things to insure that there is an ethical climate in the corporation. First of all, I would try to cultivate an ethical behavior among the members through ethical leadership. Ethical leaders have a major impact on the organizations’ culture. Through what they say and how they behave, they are establishing norms for the organization.

I would be very careful and selective on my hiring in order to find new top levels managers with high ethical standards. Second, I would put emphasis on creating an open relationship between managers and employees, an organization based on honesty and mutual trust. In order to support ethical culture managers should establish open contact with their employees based on an attitude of friendliness, attentiveness, and concern for others. Good listening skills are also important. Employees should be encouraged to participate in decision making, to be able to express their opinions and ideas without fear.

Third, I would establish a clear mission for the organization and work with my team to create clearly stated corporate values. I think that ethical culture could be transmitted to employees through basing all decision making on the corporate mission and values. I believe that teaching ethical problem solving must be anchored on good corporate values. This can increase an individual’s level of moral development, and can raise awareness of ethical standards. Orientation training also would help to establish the specific code of business conduct on the employee’s first day of the job.

In order to communicate good ethical standards throughout the corporation, it is very important to have compliance officers. It would help employees who face ethical problem to get some assistance and to report any unethical behavior. Fourth, I would set up an appraisal and reward system for ethical and responsible behavior. This could have a very positive influence on employees. The reward system would encourage employees to be more motivated in these types of behaviors which are important and supported by the corporate values.

Question: Exhibit 1-8 shows changes in management and their general effects. Choose one of these changes, which have affected your career, and describe and provide examples of how this change has affected your firm. How has this change affected the organizational structure of the firm? From listed changes affecting managers’ jobs, I would choose “Changing Technology” since that had the most significant impact on my career and considerable affect on organizational structure of the corporate law firm where I was employed.

For example, the advancement of technology such as possibility to manage documents by converting them into electronic images using a scanner, and then storing, editing, distributing, archiving and searching them all electronically gave me an opportunity to work more quickly and efficiently. Technological change, such as access to the Internet, electronic communications tools like email, real-time chat, video conferencing, and automation had a strong impact on my job. It gave me greater satisfaction in my assignments. It made it possible for me to have a more flexible work schedule and location.

I was able to work efficiently from different locations, and be away from the office more extended periods of time without fearing the pile of work that might be waiting when I returned. Another aspect of technological change that has improved my job’s functions as an assistant attorney was researching through the computer. One of my main responsibilities was researching court cases and developing case strategies. The challenge for me was to assimilate and analyze a huge amount of information in order to be productive.

So, the computer made research much more efficient. It let me access so many documents and made the whole research process much easier. Since business is global and our lawyers were practicing corporate law, the main change in organizational structure of the firm was establishing an international presence. In order to provide services to their largest clients, we had to have the agreements with international firms. This could lead us to more legal networks where we would have resources available to service our clients locally and in other countries.

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