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The tag line after the brand name is effective using short sharp sentences to promote Clarins and associate it with beauty. The lipstick is pictured smaller than the actual size to keep in proportion to the rest of the advert in smart packaging with a red case, gold rim and Clarins engraved on the front. This gives you a good, realistic idea of what you would be buying. The third advert is for Estee Lauder’s ‘Pure Velvet of lips and nails.’ This is on a double page spread so is roughly double the price.

It has an attractive woman prominent across the pages who looks older than the other models. She has beautiful lips and matching nails and is lying across a velvet couch, ironically, as that is supposed to be the affect of the lipstick. The advert has a feel of softness reinforced by the curls in her hair. She is looking directly at you, with her eyes staring into yours; this is always very persuasive. Many women could easily relate to her, which is a good selling point.

The images of the products are enlarged by 1.5 times normal size for greater impact. The photographs also show other variations to sell more products. The packaging is smart and gold and looks luxurious and expensive. The text box on the right hand column of the page has a white background with black text that stands out boldly. The brand name is written large at the bottom with a short, direct tag line ‘Defining Beauty.’ The product is ‘new’ which is almost omnipresent showing superiority. In the short paragraph beneath this they repeat velvet four times, alliteration for emphasis. Long descriptive words are also used e.g. lustrous allure and sensuous.

In my opinion the Estee Lauder Advert is least effective. This is because it occupies too much space for little intensity and is relatively plain and dull. It is no different to conventional make-up adverts and does not have enough impact. The separation between the picture and text is too harsh and divides the advert too much. The language used sounds fake and the model is too old to appeal to the younger generation, which is not the correct idea for an advert in Cosmopolitan. The best qualities of the advert, for example, the tag line or the website address is too small to stand out when they are good features.

Both the other two adverts are effective but I think the Clarins more so. This is probably personal preference but I think that Clarins has cleverly mastered a new approach to lipstick adverts that are all very similar. The Clarins one conveys youth well and is bright and eye catching. Being only a one-page advert it will remain in view longer than a double page advert which may be instantly flicked past.

The Clarins has the same impact as the L’Oreal advert, but less text, so will be absorbed more quickly. I like the humour in the Clarins advert but if you like the more traditional adverts then the L’Oreal is also very good. A bold impulse with the dominant picture drawing you to the mouth and the bullet points of text make this advert is very persuasive. Having said this it is also a matter of which brands the reader prefers having bought products before and what the shop display looks like. But a good basis to the decisions for me would be the Clarins Advert.

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